Woman Arrested While in Labor Sues Police

handcuffs2A Jacksonville, Florida mother has been given a green light to sue local police after they first tackled her and then arrested her for running a red light on her way to the ER. She was in premature labor.

When Melanie Williams, then seven months pregnant, started bleeding and feeling faint, she called 911 and asked for help. That call was lost, so Williams hopped in her car and sped off to the hospital. On her way, she ran a red light.

Police pulled her over, but Williams told them that she was sick and took off. They chased her, ultimately tackling her (according to her sister) inside the ER while she screamed, “I’m pregnant. Someone help me. I am bleeding.” They then took her back outside to a squad car, where she was ultimately saved by an ER nurse who saw that she was in medical distress and insisted she be brought back inside.

This happened in 2005. Williams gave birth to her son 10 days later. Four years later, she’s still fighting in court, insisting the police were wrong to arrest her. Yesterday, an appeals court decided that the case should indeed go to trial, calling the police officer’s behavior “reprehensible.”

Watch the video from the ER security camera and decide for yourself.


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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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