Woman Claims ‘Single Mom’ as Reason for Stiffing Waiter, Leaving Zero Tip

Photo of receipt with zero tip
Single mom fail

There’s no question that single parenting can be a hardship. Even with fair child support payments and a reasonable custody arrangement, parenting alone can be an emotional and financial drain.

At the same time, if money is tight, most parents — single, married, separated, whatever — hopefully learn to trim expenses wherever possible. Like, say, not dining out to the tune of $138.35.

According to a receipt making the rounds online (originally from Reddit, but also seen on The Huffington Post), one purported “single mom” racked up $138.35 at a restaurant and in the line on the credit card receipt where she should have left a tip, she wrote “Single Mom. Sorry.”

If it makes it any better, further below on the receipt she wrote,”Thank you it was great.”

Although, of course, that doesn’t make it any better. If you can afford to spend $138.35 on dinner, then you need to leave a $27.67 tip (we’re supposed to be tipping 20 percent these days, right?). Otherwise she should have dined somewhere for around $115.50 and left a $23.10 tip for roughly the same $138 total.

But stiffing a waiter and claiming single mom? Sure, it’s entirely possible the receipt is bogus or the customer wasn’t actually a single mom. However, assuming there’s a chance it’s real, there’s no question it’s really, really wrong. Even if you’re a single mom and totally screwed by your kids’ dad, there’s no reason why you need to be spending that much in a restaurant if you can’t afford to tip.

Stay home with your kids, save your money and lead by example through kindness and fairness. Because this? This is just all shades of wrong.

Photo of receipt with zero tip
So wrong

Source: The Huffington Post


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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