Woman Delivers In Midair: Passengers Join Group Effort To Usher Baby Into The World

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Talk about a memorable ride...flight attendant Susan Carnes holds newborn, Ebosalume, born on her flight.

It’s been a strange week in flight news. Yesterday, I wrote about the Australian woman who chomped down on maggots when she opened her airplane issued bag of trail mix. Luckily today’s airplane news is not only much better (and less gross), but inspiring. Passengers on a flight from Africa to Atlanta got more than they bargained for when shortly after take-off, they noticed a very pregnant woman moaning and leaning over in pain.

Delta flight attendant Susan Carnes knew something was wrong right away when she saw Katherine Oyedoh (who was traveling alone) acting peculiar, reports the NY Daily News:

“I saw her, and I just knew the way she was leaned over and moaning — I just knew.”

Carnes then yelled out asking if there was a doctor on board, and amazingly there actually was. Georgia OB/GYN Dr. Patrick Ojukwu jumped out of his east to assist Oyedoh. Before long, other passengers and flight crew members offered what little assistance they could. One passenger took off his shoelaces to tie the umbilical cord, while a flight attendant used vodka to sterilize the shoelaces and a pair of scissors. Carnes gathered up supplies like towels, gloves and scissors while another passenger began to time contractions, and two others monitored the Oyedoh’s blood pressure.

Talk about a warm welcome for a new life. The baby was soon born and named Ebosalume:

“I took the baby to hand it over, and I lifted him across the seats,” Carnes said. “And as I did, I noticed everyone was looking at me, and I just raised it up and said, ‘It’s a boy!’ And the whole airplane broke out into applause and laughter.”

The plane was diverted to Dakar, Senegal just fifteen minutes after the birth and mom and baby were taken to the nearest hospital. They are expected to fly to California this week to meet the baby’s father.

There is further information regarding the circumstances of why the mom was traveling alone at such a late date in her pregnancy. Thankfully, this story had a very happy ending.

What is the strangest place you’ve ever heard of a woman giving birth? Could you ever imagine giving birth in an airplane?

Image: Fox13 News

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