Woman Gives Birth in Moving Car While Driving Husband Videotapes (Video)

Little Willow's first view of the world.

We hear about women giving birth in cars all the time. But actually seeing the baby come out as the husband, who’s driving, attempts to record the birth of his child is pretty awesome.

An aside:  Man, I’d love to safely give birth to a baby in a car because, good god, do you know how much money I’d save what with hospitals charging you $800 bucks for the scissors used to cut the baby’s cord.

Okay, maybe not $800 but at least $699.99!

But I digress.  Jennifer Russell, from Texas, went into labor and realized her daughter was in a hurry to be born.  She and her husband, Zachary, jumped in the car and were speeding down Highway 287 for a birthing center 45 minutes away from their house.  But, just fifteen minutes into the drive, little Willow was born.

“By the time my water broke, I pushed once and she was out.  I felt pretty good and I didn’t think it would happen that fast,” Jennifer tells local news station kiiitv.

Determined to capture their special moment on video, dad Zachary kept one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the camera, holding it over his wife’s shoulder pointing down to where baby was being born.

“I just kept making sure the frame was good and that I was staying on the road.  I’m surprised I did real well,” said Zachary.

What he captured on camera is amazing.  You see Willow slide out and you can see Jennifer unwrap the umbilical chord from around Willow’s neck and then cradling her new daughter to her chest.

The couple posted the video on the web so they can always look back on that moment in their little car where Willow was born.

“It has to be her first car, so that she can tell everyone. “Okay, I was born right there!”

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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