Woman Gives Birth While Driving Herself to the Hospital

“When I give birth to a child I imagine I will be laying on a nice fluffy hospital bed with my husband holding my hand and telling me he loves me while my mom takes pictures. The baby (gorgeous baby) will simply pop out and after a ten minute recovery time I’ll be ready to celebrate over a latte at Starbucks.”  That’s Gather blogger Deana Fry on what she hopes giving birth will be like.  I can relate.  My birthing mantra was:

Squat down, pop it out, wrap it up, let’s go home.

It didn’t work that way, though.  And as you can see from the picture, I drove myself to the hospital – to get induced, which ultimately led to a c-section.  (I was two days past my due date and my mom already had a plane ticket.  If she showed up and there was no baby, I think she’d have not spoken to me ever again.  “What do you mean I paid $250 to see you, Carolyn?  I can see you anytime.  When I said I couldn’t wait to see my baby, I meant your baby!”)

Amanda McBride of Bemidji, Minnesota recently drove herself to the hospital, too, and ended up giving birth behind the wheel.

With her boyfriend Joseph Phillips steering from the passenger’s seat, McBride put the car “on cruise when the baby was coming.  It was just easier.” (Easier than pulling over and calling an ambulance?) She says, “I kinda ended up pulling my pants down and just kinda sliding the seat back – just a little room to deliver.  I just delivered him and then I held him in my lap cuz I didn’t know what else to do with the chord attached.  I just kind of held him there and continued on to town.”

McBride and Phillips have taken to calling their son Cobalt Joe, “because he was born in a Chevy Cobalt, doing 70 miles an hour down the highway.”  Click here to watch their relaxed recounting of the wild tale.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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