Woman Used Dogs To Babysit

908578_two_dogs_lying_in_the_grassIs there a full moon or something?

First we had the dog who got flushed by a 4-year-old (but survived). Then, the mom who allegedly left her daughter on a corner to teach her to be “brave.”

Now, put the two together (sort of) and you get this:

A Chicago woman has been charged with leaving her child in an unlocked car, with the engine running, for 20 minutes while she went shopping at a local Walgreen’s drugstore. The kid was a baby, only 39 days old. But she did leave them in good hands — er, paws. Her two dogs were in the car at the time to look out for the tot.

Police were notified that the baby boy was alone in the car (in a car seat, the article points out) by a concerned passerby. They looked for the mom, but couldn’t find her until she was done shopping. When she saw the police, she told them she thought that her mother was with her son, but police said they were unable to verify the truth of that statement.

The mom, 24-year-old Elizabeth Manion, “is facing a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment in the June 7 incident, Deerfield Police said.” She could spend a year in jail if convicted.

I know it’s hard to get stuff done with your kids. But leaving in a car, even with your dogs, is a really bad idea.

Source: NBC Chicago

Image: SXC (note: these are not the two dogs that were babysitting, just a stock photo. If this photo were of the same dogs, that would be a coincidence that could cause the Earth to spin off its axis and into an alternate reality.)

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