Woman Who Claimed to Find Abandoned Newborn On Beach Is Baby’s Mother

Honolulu Police Department
Honolulu Police Department

Earlier this week I told you about a woman who said she found an abandoned newborn in the sand on a beach in Honolulu, Hawaii after she said she heard a lot of screaming, implying someone gave birth to the baby and took off.

Turns out, the woman who found the baby and called police is the baby’s mother.

As ABC News reports, police have arrested Keala Simeona, 21, and revealed she’s the baby’s mom.

Simeona initially told police she was parked at the beach around midnight Sunday when she heard screaming and, when it stopped, walked toward the ocean and found the newborn.

I feel better in the regard that the mother didn’t give birth to a baby and walk away. She made sure it got somewhere safe… I just don’t understand why Simeona didn’t just drop off the baby at a hospital or fire station in accordance with Hawaii’s safe haven law. But then again, we can never know how we would feel until we walk in someone’s shoes.

A judge will now decide whether the baby goes back to her mother or parental rights will be determined. The baby girl is doing well and drinking formula at the hospital. Human services officials are informally calling her Baby Sandy because she was born on Sandy Beach in Honolulu.

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