Womb for Rent: Maine Woman Gives Birth to her Own Grandson

Baby holds grandma's hand
Does Hallmark make a card for this occasion?

Most moms don’t have to think long and hard to know they would do most anything for their children. Most anything.

One mom took the “anything” part to an extreme that many moms might not have.

She gave birth to her own grandson.

Linda Sirois, 49, of Madawaska, Maine, carried and delivered her daughter’s son when she learned it would be too dangerous for her daughter to do it on her own, according to the New York Daily News.

Linda’s daughter, Angel Hebert, has a heart condition that could have put her own life at risk had she become pregnant.

“[The decision to do it] was all pretty simple as far as I was concerned,” Sirois, told the Maine Sunday Telegram.

Apparently Sirois had already been telling her daughter for years that this was something she’d be willing to do if it came to it. Several fertility clinics rejected Sirois as a potential surrogate because of her age, but ultimately the Reproductive Science Center in Lexington, Mass., agreed to the surrogate procedure.

On Aug. 13, Sirois gave birth to her grandson, Madden Hebert, who entered the world at a healthy 7-pounds, 14-ounces.

As for Sirois, she’s doing fine and even said the pregnancy was easier than any of her four others (at which time she gave birth to her own children).

“I just saw it as I was babysitting for a few months,” she said to the newspaper. “It was their child all along. [I] was just a room for rent.”

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