Apparently, Working Moms Won't Vote This Year

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This election's pivotal voter is too tired to go to the polls

Fall fashion has Vogue’s “September Issue.” The Chinese New Year, a celebrated animal. Christmas doesn’t really get underway until Oscar hopefuls start showing up in theaters.

National elections have their kick-off moments, too. The fun doesn’t begin in electoral politics until a certain demographic is pulled out, nicknamed and held up as the key group to be pandered to if you, Madame Politician, ever expect to take office.

In 1996, it was Soccer Moms. In 2000, NASCAR Dads. We also had security moms, following 9/11. Angry White Men way back in the mid-90s and Grizzly Mamas way back a couple of months ago. But NPR Ron Elving thinks he may have found the this midterm elections key voting bloc and chances are, you’re one of them:

Weary Working Women

WWWs are women who are tired of bearing the economic burdens of their families. They’re tired, according to Elving, of carrying the Democrats’ water. They’re not sure health insurance reform was all that. Same goes for changes in the financial industry.

Before you let all that power go to your head, however, consider this: WWWs, or, women in general, aren’t all that interested in the election. So chances are, they’re not even going to muster the energy to go out and vote. Remember? They’re weary.

Now, what kind of cleverly nicknamed pivotal voter doesn’t actually go cast a ballot?

What about you, you Weary Working Woman? Aren’t you going to drag you and those bags under your eyes down the street and into the voting booth this November?

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