Woodstock Baby, are You Out There?

You know I love a nice, juicy, out-of-hospital birth. But I’m not sure where I stand on live, in-concert labor and deliveries. Not that giving birth among a half a million people at a large, outdoor, three-day-long hippie concert is all that common.

In fact, births at Woodstock — long one of the many free-love stories told of the event — may never have happened.

The supposed Woodstock baby (or babies — estimates range from zero to four births at the famed 1969 concert on a farm in Sullivan County, New York) turns 40 in August and people are starting to ask again. No one has ever credibly stepped forward and said, “I’m a Woodstock Baby.”

But there is some evidence there were births. From the AP:

Singer John Sebastian is captured on film announcing that some cat’s old lady just had a baby, a kid destined to be far out (note from blogger: maybe he was talking about a, um, cat?). A couple of surviving eyewitnesses say there were births (uhhh, drugs?). The concert’s medical director told reporters at the scene there were two births: one at a local hospital after the mother was flown out by helicopter; the other in a car caught in the epic traffic jam outside the site crowded with more than 400,000 people. (Yes, this I believe. So, medivac’d Woodstock Baby/ies, if you’re reading this, please write in!)

Eliot Tiber, the subject of a new Ang Lee film, “Taking Woodstock,” says he helped deliver a baby that weekend.


Tiber, who has a reputation for being a raconteur, said the woman gave birth at his parent’s hotel near the site, which — like the entire area that weekend — was mobbed. The woman wore a leather jacket, came in on a motorcycle and just flopped down.

“I see she’s starting to give birth,” Tiber recalled. “It was like the quote from ‘Gone With the Wind’: ‘I don’t know nothing about birthing no babies, Miss Scarlett’ (cringe!)… I was screaming, just screaming. Everybody was standing around stoned saying, ‘Yeah, groovy!’ (gah!) They thought it was cool.”

Tiber said the baby was taken away, though the mother came by in a cab a few weeks later with her baby in a blanket. He didn’t get any names. He never heard from them again.

Of course he didn’t. Of course, he didn’t.

Here’s a trailer for the movie.

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