Words of Encouragement for New Bloggers

Being a new blogger sucks.

At least it did for me.

I didn’t know my ass from my elbow when I started blogging. I thought I’d publish an adorable blog and important editors would come running. They didn’t.

I, like a lot of new bloggers faced a day of blog reckoning. I had to decide why I was really in the game. Was I blogging for fame? For ahem, fortune? Or was I blogging for a much greater purpose?

While I didn’t really know, I decided rather superficially to keep at it. As someone who had been searching for something to call my own for years, I tried to find myself in yoga, scrapbooking, and yes, even knitting. Perhaps I was never meant to be a flexible scrappy yarn stud, but maybe (just maybe) I could be a word nerd. After all, I did love me some words.

Over time I came to realize that I was tapping into something far bigger than my little blog; I was tapping into myself. Had I given up blogging even once out of the 4,549 times I considered doing so, I know I’d still be searching.

We needn’t look further than seasoned bloggers for the wisdom and encouragement to keep sharing.

  • Express yourself 1 of 23
    Express yourself
    "Speak your heart honestly, the community will build itself around your authenticity. Don't censor yourself!"
    @TruthfulMommy via Twitter The Truth About Motherhood
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  • The write stuff 2 of 23
    The write stuff
    "Write for you, write from the heart, don't worry about everyone else."
    @nolamom76 via Twitter Cara Jouglard Photography
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Use your head 3 of 23
    Use your head
    "Write what you know, you will never run out of material."
    @abubblylife via Twitter A Bubbly Life
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Speak your voice 4 of 23
    Speak your voice
    "You may never make money doing it, but have fun or at least speak in a voice that's all yours."
    @HowToBeADad via Twitter How To Be A Dad
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Keep on keepin’ on 5 of 23
    Keep on keepin' on
    "Keep blogging! You won't know your blog's potential if you don't give it at least 3 months of consistent copy."
    @frugalista via Twitter Frugalista
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Do it for you 6 of 23
    Do it for you
    "Write for no one else but yourself."
    @TheMommaDiaries via Twitter The Mommy Diaries
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  • A true original 7 of 23
    A true original
    "Write in your own, casual voice, and try to put as much original, unique content into your blog as possible."
    @nattymichelle via Twitter natty michelle
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Write like everybody’s listening 8 of 23
    Write like everybody's listening
    "For new bloggers w/no audience yet: Write like everybody is listening and you'll end up with a blog worth listening to."
    @sugarrae via Twitter SUGARRAE
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Nothing compares to you 9 of 23
    Nothing compares to you
    "Don't compare yourself to other bloggers. Find your own voice and niche and develop that. It will set you apart."
    @SarahWCaron via Twitter Sarah's Cucina Bella
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Family first 10 of 23
    Family first
    "To be yourself and not get caught up in numbers. Always put family first. Don't compare yourself to other bloggers."
    @thegirlcreative via Twitter The Girl Creative
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • The heart of the matter 11 of 23
    The heart of the matter
    "Just write from your heart - be your authentic self and don't worry about follows and stats!"
    @ElaineSGriffin via Twitter Elaine Griffin Designs
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Dive in 12 of 23
    Dive in
    "Just jump in and start chatting."
    @mummymummymum via Twitter Mummy.. Mummy..MUM!!
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Sharing is caring 13 of 23
    Sharing is caring
    "Don't listen to the negative comments and stay true to yourself. Your blog is yours. Also share, share, share!"
    @alannabanks via Twitter
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Time, love and tenderness 14 of 23
    Time, love and tenderness
    "Choose a topic that you're passionate about + KEEP at it. Rome wasn't built in a day + the same goes for your blog."
    @heathALL via Twitter The Mogul Mom
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • The power of one 15 of 23
    The power of one
    "If your writing is meaningful to one person (even if that person is you), it's worthwhile."
    @Momdeplume via Twitter Mom de Plume
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Do tell 16 of 23
    Do tell
    "Don't be scared 2 b yourself/ intimidated by how small u 'think' u r. Everyone has a story that's worth hearing."
    @MotherhoodNMe via Twitter Sue Robinson
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Content counts 17 of 23
    Content counts
    "Don't look at the numbers…focus on quality content! Invest in others and they will invest in you!"
    @baxtronlife via Twitter Baxtron {Life}
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Book it 18 of 23
    Book it
    "Get a book from the library about the basics of blogging -- that was very useful to me before we launched!"
    @WorldMomsBlog via Twitter Word Moms Blog
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Own it 19 of 23
    Own it
    "Take ownership. Don't hesitate to do whatever strikes you. It's your little piece of the web, so enjoy!"
    @bereccah5 via Twitter Connelly Confusion
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Work it 20 of 23
    Work it
    "Never give up. Keep writing even if you think no one is reading. Apply for everything. You are building your resume."
    @Liza_Rae via Twitter Cira's Lyrics
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Recognize how far you’ve come 21 of 23
    Recognize how far you've come
    "It's not a lot of in the scheme of things but I'm proud of how many views & twitter followers I have."
    @TheMiracleMomma via Twitter The Miracle Momma
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Real deal 22 of 23
    Real deal
    "Be genuine in your content. Authenticity means a lot and will make you more successful in the end."
    @tinysophisticat via Twitter Tiny Sophisticate
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • You rule 23 of 23
    You rule
    "Be yourself. Forced humor is obvious. Don't be what you think people want. Let us fall in love with YOU."
    @batcrapcrazy via Twitter Batcrap Crazy
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]

Do you have any words of encouragement for new bloggers?

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