World Record: Womans Egg Donations Resulted in 19 Babies..and the Kicker?

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Faith Haugh is a baby making machine. The 41-year-old woman from Australia has donated her own eggs to help create 19 children for couples struggling with infertility. And it looks like 19 may just be the new world record.

She actually has been through the process 41 times during 41 different ‘donor cycles’ where she given hormones to boost her eggs production.  And while there are side effects, some uncomfortable and some even life threatening, she claims she hasn’t had any ill effects from the process.

Faith began to donate eggs about 17 years ago after seeing an ad in the paper. A couple who were looking for a donor acquired her eggs and it resulted in twins. She went on to donate to numerous couples with the baby count reaching 19. And the most amazing things about her? The “kicker?” She wasn’t paid,  except for out of pocket expenses since it is illegal to pay for a woman’s eggs in Australia.

“I may sound a little distant but as I’m not the one desperate to become a mother, I don’t get emotionally invested.” She continued saying, “I just tell myself that the eggs that would usually go to waste each month now goes on to hopefully helping a couple achieve the dream of parenthood.”

She also keeps in touch with the proud new parents and has given permission for the children to meet her when they reach 18.

The last record of egg donations from a single donor? Reportedly just 11.

Would you ever go through the process without a financial reward? And would you do it 19 times ?

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