World's Most Embarrassing Dad Waves To The Bus In 70+ Costumes

World's Most Embarrassing Dad waves to the school bus

What’s more embarrassing than having your parents wave to your school bus when you’re in high school? Having your dad do it in costume.

A Utah dad has just completed a year of waving to his son’s school bus in a crazy costume every day. He’s dressed up as everything from a generic football player to Batgirl. His son, Rain, says the Little Mermaid costume was the worst.

What would possess a man to do such a thing? The school bus route changed this year, so it goes past their house now. The first day, he and his wife went out to wave to their son as the bus went by. Rain complained to his mom that this was embarrassing. As dad put it, “After that, it was game on.”

While Rain at first found this mortifying, eventually he warmed to the joke. It’d be hard not to laugh eventually when it kept going for an entire year.

The thing is, crazy costumes or not, the most embarrassing thing in the world when you are 15 is just having parents. They’re embarrassing if they’re visible, no matter what they do. Given that, they may as well play it up. I give this dad kudos for taking on the role with such gusto and creativity. Someone has to be the world’s most embarrassing dad. This guy has it nailed.

Rain may not have loved his dad’s Little Mermaid costume, but I bet he’ll look back on these antics and smile. Maybe someday he’ll even play dress-up for his own kids!

What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents ever did to you?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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