World's Smallest Mom Next Reality TV Mom?

Stacey Herald while carrying her third child.

Stacey Herald lives in Dry Ridge, KY with her husband, Will, and their three children Katira, Makaia and Malachi. No big deal, right? Exactly.

You see, Stacey Herald stands just a touch over twenty-eight inches tall. Which means according to the Guinness Book of World Records, she’s the smallest living woman to have children. Which also means that just one day after my Strollerderby cohort Paula Bernstein brought you news of the world’s largest toddler, I’m offering up a story on the planet’s smallest mom.

And what an unlikely mom she is, at least medically speaking. Herald was repeatedly told that due to her size, she’d never have children. Yet on Sunday, she watched proudly as her oldest child celebrated her fourth birthday.

The kids are “something that God has given us,” explains her husband. “He gives you the desires of your heart. And [Stacey’s] desire was to have kids.” So remarkable is her tale that it may bring about her own reality show — one which she hopes will illustrate how her family is at once both typical and anything but.

I flat-out love this story. It’s one of an impossibly diminutive underdog who manages to defy the odds and (perhaps miraculously?) realize her simple dream of becoming a mother. Three times. It’s genuine. Palpable. And evocative.

So I have a question. Why is it appealing to reality TV execs? I mean, seriously, when it comes to reality TV moms, I thought they preferred vapid, self-smitten and materially-consumed atrocities such as Jill ZarinTeresa Giudice and Kim Zolciak. Or the proverbial Queen of the Hill, Kate Gosselin. Now, color me coo-coo, but the very last two things that woman reminds me of would have to be reality and motherhood. Yet, strangely, Kate’s the perfect embodiment of the reality TV mom.

Which is bad news for the Heralds. For unlike the vast majority of “real people” with whom our society has grown enamored, sweet, godly Stacey and her improbable crew simply don’t have anything salacious or superficial about them. Which is what seems to sell the ads. So, sadly, I suspect that Stacey won’t end up getting her own show after all. How I hope I’m wrong.

But if I’m not, then she’s too good for such it, anyway.


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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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