Worst Grandfather Ever Leaves Kid With Axe Wielding Intruder

axeSo you think your grandfather was bad? Danish media have been reporting a grandfather decided to flea into a panic room when an axe-wielding intruder broke into his house, but he left his five-year-old granddaughter out there with him!

Kurt Westergaard is a cartoonist in Denmark, and his depiction of the prophet Muhammad had enraged the man who broke in.

Westergaard told the Guardian he was babysitting five-year-old Stephanie when the man with the axe and a knife. He says Danish intelligence officials had told him that his family was likely not at any risk because he was the one who created the cartoon, so he left Stephanie in the living room and made off into the panic room.

The risk paid off – Westergaard called the cops from inside the panic room (really a specially fortified bathroom) who arrived to find the assailant hacking at the door. The child was physically fine.

It’s fair to say no one ever knows how they’re going to react during a crisis. Just look at the recent debate over a mom twittering shortly after the death of her child.

But come on – really pissed off guy with an AXE waltzes into your home, and you think to save your own bacon? We’ve got to at least give this guy worst babysitter ever status. When it comes to picking a sitter, wouldn’t you prefer to find an adult who’d throw themself between the axe and the baby?

Image: robyn gallagher via flickr

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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