Would You Eat Your Placenta In Pill Form?

placenta-side1Forget mashing up the placenta into loaf form or that creepy teddy bear. You can now have the little sac that kept baby alive in the form of “placenta pills.”

Thank Gawd for celebrities – otherwise I wouldn’t hear of these creepy, er, curative methods.

Taye Diggs told Jimmy Kimmel that wife Idina Menzel was offered the chance to have the placenta from the birth of son Walker made into tablets. The doula, Diggs said, told them there were “crazy nutrients” in the placenta, and said they could be made up in pill form for Menzel to take every day. She took them up on it. Diggs admitted he thought it was freaky (thank goodness – I need to continue to enjoy my medical soaps and their eye candy):

I’ve got to agree with Jimmy – it does sound like a horror movie here. But some women say they’re better than traditional anti-depressants because the placenta is full of progesterone and estrogen. And the pills don’t look like bits of placenta – they’re more like a traditional gel capsule.

The FDA has scoffed at these claims, and yet there are people who make this part of their living. There’s even a (although it’s under construction with an expected finish date of Oct. 2008 – perhaps placenta pill making isn’t lucrative enough to pay the bills on a website?). And for some, the living is ill-gotten gains – a maternity center making the pills got shut down by the cops in Miami earlier this year.

But the real question here isn’t whether it’s a freaky thing or not. It’s whether it’s worth it. I ate some foods I wouldn’t normally eat while pregnant because they were good for my growing baby. But if you’re taking these pills to help your nursing baby or ostensibly to help yourself, wouldn’t you prefer a little more research behind them?

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