Would You Get Married Without an Officiant, Just the Two of You?

In certain US states, including Colorado and Pennsylvania, couples can marry each other without anyone else present to officiate or authorize their union. Danielle and Steve Hult, a young couple who met 10 years ago at New York University, married each other last month by reciting vows on top of a mountain in Boulder, CO. After the ceremony, Danielle threw her bouquet off the side of the mountain. The couple married wearing jeans and sweaters, with Danielle adorning her head with cute earmuffs and her hands with fingerless gloves.

Sounds kind of nice, right? It’s definitely romantic. But is getting married alone, just the two of you, for everybody? Of course not. Kinda makes you think, though, about marriage culture and the Wedding Industrial Complex and all that. I mean, so many of us have what end up being first weddings when we’re young because we know so much more about weddings than we do about marriage. Making your vows the focus of your wedding instead of the dress and the party isn’t a surefire plan for success, but I think it definitely shows maturity, humility and sincerity. That’s not to say that enormous, expensive weddings leave a marriage doomed to fail, ¬†of course. But they do typically leave a couple just starting out in debt, and since one of the five most common lessons divorced couples have learned is that money problems can break up a marriage, starting small on a mountaintop might be more appealing in the long run.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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