Would You Have Your Child's Birthday Party at Hooters?

Figuring out the perfect place to have your child’s birthday party can be a daunting task. Many opt for a venue that that a couple of factors in its favor: affordability, a selection of food that all kids will eat (read: fries and mac and cheese), and availability of cake. Plus, many want to try to find a place that is perhaps a bit original (who needs to go to Chuck E Cheese’s again, right?). But sometimes originality can go too far. It turns out that some parents are throwing children’s birthday parties at burgers and boobs establishments like Hooters.  

Lindsay Cross at Mommydish wrote about being invited to a 5-year-old’s birthday party at Hooters. She says, “I considered this a one-time oddity. I figured that I was pretty mainstream in opposing children in restaurants that sell a whole lot more sex than food. Honestly, I never considered that parents would be okay with their kids seeing women prancing around in bootie shorts and low cut tops. Was that really so naive?” Yes, yes she was.

Hooters was once just marketing itself as a place for men to go and leer at boobs over beer and wings in a place more socially acceptable than at a strip club. But as Parent Dish noted, they have since expanded their reach and are going for the family visit with a special kid’s menu and merchandise like an “I’m a Boob Man” onesie and a “I only date Hooter girls” bib. Their new image is apparently working, since parents are, indeed, having their children’s birthday parties at the chain. It’s not just the one that Ms. Cross was invited to.  There are plenty of YouTube videos of kids getting their party on, such as the ones here, and here . While many moms are probably in the “anti-kid-birthday-party-at-Hooters” set,  I Chalked It Up penned a piece called “Lessons Learned: Lesson #48 Hooters is a Great Birthday Party Location.” She attended a 7-year-old girl’s birthday party there complete with a cake made to look like a Hooter’s girl’s chest (with nipples) – and thought it was wonderful.

To each his own.  Ms. Cross concluded with, “I would rather spend a lifetime at Chuck E. Cheese than a couple hours at Hooters, pretending that I’m cool with my daughter entering an establishment that uses women’s sexuality and turns it into a commodity that’s for sale.”

Would you ever have a child’s birthday party at Hooters? Or if you were invited, would you go?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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