Would You Let Your Kids Play A 7pm Game On A School Night? (VIDEO)

This is something that has been running around in my brain for a few weeks now…. should kids – young kids – have practices and play in games after 7pm on a school night?

Know this:  I am part of a serious sports family.  Both of my small people play soccer, baseball, softball and they will play basketball.  Right now we are *limited* to soccer for both of them and Fall softball for my daughter.  I must also qualify that they both absolutely LOVE to play.

Normally, their games are on the weekends – specifically for soccer, but these last two weeks, we have been involved in a series of tournaments.  And, I have to say, I was amazed when the schedule came out:  7pm and 7:45 games on a school night for 1st and 3rd graders?  Now… clearly, we aren’t the only teams participating – these are city-wide tournaments and we live in the St. Louis area… (an area very dedicated to soccer).

We have all but made it through, and grades and health didn’t suffer (my main priorities), but I would love to know how other parents feel about this and how you balance your child’s love and dedication to sports with school and other activities.

More thoughts in the video.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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