Would You Live in a Home Built by IKEA?

Would You LIve in an IKEA House?

IKEA has a cult-like status with budget conscious homemakers everywhere. From cribs to rugs and sofas to silverwear, IKEA home goods appear in every room of the house. But now the chain plans not on just decorating the rooms but creating them: enter the IKEA pre-fab home named aktiv.

An architectural firm in Oregon has teamed up with the Swedish superstore to create this “flat-pack” home.  And, naturally, it’s affordable. The sticker price for the eco-friendly modern home is $86,500. And if you live in fear of assembling your own IKEA products, no worry on the aktiv — they will assemble it for you.

Some of the facts about the aktiv:

• Size: 53 feet long and 14 feet wide
• Rooms: 1 bedroom, living room, dining/kitchen, bathroom and storage
• It comes with appliances including a induction cooktop and convection oven,  a counter-depth refrigerator, and a dishwasher.

This is the first of their flat-pack homes, a model more suitable for a single gal or guy than a family. But if they made a larger, more family-friendly size, would you live in a IKEA-produced home? Personally, I do love some of my IKEA products but in my experience they haven’t had the longest life — most seem to last about four or five years. Hopefully these homes will have a far longer survival rate.

You can check photographs of the aktiv from Digital Trends right here.




Article Posted 5 years Ago

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