Would You Pay $300 for a High Chair?

baby bjorn high chair
What's better looking? The chair or those humans? It's hard to tell!

The folks at Baby Bjorn have designed their first high chair – and Lord is it beautiful!  With an all white, sleek Swedish design, the high chair is not only attractive, it’s safe and portable, too.  The designers boast that “the high chair’s unique design keeps the child securely in place and has two-step locks that can only be opened by an adult.”  The design is pretty ingenious, I have to say, and it’s the only high chair I’ve ever seen that encourages healthy posture – a big plus.  But at $300 – is it worth it?  Let’s take a look:

Though I’ve argued against pricey baby gear in the past, there are a lot of perks to the Baby Bjorn high chair, including its “smooth surfaces and detachable tray” which the designers argue make it easy to clean.  If you watch this video, I guarantee you’ll come away largely convinced that this chair – though twice the price of the one I used when my daughter was an infant – is worth the dough.

What I love the most about this chair is that it requires virtually no assembly, is compact, can fold to be put away (a huge plus in a tiny apartment!) and does not require a harness.  Any parent knows, there’s nothing grosser than trying to clean mushed or dried-up food out of the crevices of a fabric harness or seat.  The entire Baby Bjorn high chair is made of plastic, so if you live in a temperate climate, you could literally take this bad boy outside and hose it down.

Reaction to the chair seems to be pretty positive, if this video is to be believed. All praise aside, though, how long does anyone really use a high chair?  Length of use is an important piece of the puzzle, I think, when deciding which items to splurge on in the baby gear department.  The people at Baby Bjorn suggest that your child can fit comfortably in their chair from 6 months to 3 years of age, but my daughter was out of her high chair before she turned 2.  Bearing that in mind, I’d say the Baby Bjorn high chair is worth the splurge if you can use it on your first and then subsequent children.  If you’re shopping for a high chair for a child that may be an only, it might not be worth the price if 300 clams is outside your budget.

To learn more about the Baby Bjorn high chair, visit their website.  And let me know what you think!  Would you buy it?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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