Would You Sell Your Baby for $6000?

Alison Stuckey, courtesy Salt Lake Tribune.

Utah is a unique place: home to the desert, the Mormons and, apparently, a lawyer who facilitates the sale of infants.  It’s a convoluted story, but the crux of it is that Alison and Gary Stuckey have three children in foster care with a Mesa, Arizona couple.  The Arizona couple is in the process of adopting the children since the Stuckey’s parental rights have been taken away.  Pretty easy to follow so far.  The problem is, Alison is pregnant again, and the foster couple alleges that the Stuckeys are trying to sell the baby in Alison’s womb.

According to Tarilee Roth, a representative of A Act of Love [sic] adoption agency, the Stuckeys are in Utah to make arrangements for their unborn child to be adopted.  Seems legit, right?  Except for the fact that since “the Stuckeys’ parental rights over three other children have been terminated, the newborn must be taken into state custody after it is born.”  Well, and that it seems the Stuckeys have sold a child in the past.

The lawyer for the Arizona couple, Wesley Hutchins, obtained a protective order for the unborn child because, he claims, “another child of the Stuckeys was illegally sold in Utah in January 2007.”  When the Stuckeys recently left Arizona for Utah, Hutchins rallied the local media in an effort to locate them.  (They were found at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center this past Saturday.) His protective order was dismissed, however, by Third District Juvenile Court Judge Jim Michie, who claimed to have “no jurisdiction while the child is still in its mother’s womb.”  Fair enough.  But what about the court documents that say Alison told the foster parents of her three children that they couldn’t adopt her unborn baby because “she had found an attorney in Salt Lake City who was willing to give her $6,000.”?

The foster parents claim that the Stuckeys confessed to having sold a baby in Utah three years ago.  Alison admitted “a lawyer had moved her to Salt Lake City, put the couple and their three other children up in an apartment and paid her medical expenses,” and that “when she handed the baby over to the lawyer, she was given $6,000 and the family moved back to Arizona.”

Hutchins claims to also have an affidavit from Alison’s father, “who was told she received $4,000 for the child.” Funny that she would tell her Dad she made $2000 less than she actually did.  What is this world coming to?  If you can’t trust a woman willing to sell two babies, who can you trust?!

Despite his dismissal of the protective order, Judge Michie assured reporters that, “There are a lot of eyes on this case, including the Division of Family and Child Services and every hospital in the state.”

Not surprisingly, the Stuckeys have declined to comment.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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