Would You Serve Fetus Cupcakes at Your Baby Shower?

fetus cupcakes
How to ruin a perfectly good cupcake.

It would seem that there is no end to the amount of over-sharing a parent-to-be can get up to these days. I think that assuming everyone you know is as in to your pregnancy as you are is presumptuous. But clearly there are those who feel otherwise.  How else to explain baby gender parties, where mom, dad, and everyone they know find out the gender of the unborn child at the same time?  Or ultrasound paintings in which the image of a fetus is recreated in all its creepy glory on stretched canvas?

If those two ideas sound like your kind of thing, then you’ll probably like this as well:  Fetus cupcakes.

Just like those cakes you see in the bakery where photographic images have been applied atop a sheet cake, these cupcakes feature the image of – what else? – a fetus.  While I appreciate the artistry involved in creating these particular sweets, I find the idea of biting into a picture someone’s unborn child most unappetizing.  And weird.

What about you?  Would you serve fetus cupcakes at your baby shower?

Image:  lunar caustic/Flickr

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