WTF: KKK Selling Kids T-Shirts

I’m vacillating between speechless and spitting with venom. How else do you respond to news that the Ku Klux Klan is selling t-shirts for kids?

T-shirts at a Website that actually trumpets itself as a go-to source for “Christian” purchases. 

I’m not sure if I should be thanking my husband for pointing this one out to me (he found it while working on a paper about domestic terrorism, FYI), but I guess the news that the KKK is targeting kids is hardly new. Kids don’t come out of the womb seething with hate, so it does have to come from adults peddling bigotry to little kids. Remember, kids learn by imitating.

But making the hard Aryan sell face-to-face is disgusting enough. Sharing with the world that “Klan Kids Kare” is absolutely terrifying.

I’ve got to wonder, honestly, what Klan Kids Kare about. I was thinking Lynching, but according to the t-shirt, they “kare” about loving Jesus, white power and their heritage. Note to the Klan: Jesus lived in the Middle East – it’s highly unlikely that his skin was white. And he certainly wasn’t Aryan.

My big question, of course, is where are these kids going to wear these shirts? Besides Klan rallies, of course. Is there anywhere in public that they wouldn’t be told to leave? I’m all for free speech, but if a kid walks into a school wearing a shirt that says “white power,” I’d hope they get sent home to change. It’s a gang symbol (yes, similar to the red of the Bloods – albeit on the opposite end).

And perhaps even more shocking here (to some of you anyway), this t-shirt is being sold by a Christian bookstore, a site that proudly proclaims itself as the “exclusive distributor of the Knights Party designs” (yes those Knights – the white ones). This to go with their “wide variety of Christian oriented t-shirts and sweatshirts.” And no, I didn’t find a “turn the other cheek” tee – the kind you’d sort of expect out of a Christian t-shirt selling site (OK, maybe only I would?).

Honestly, I’m not going to provide you with a link to this site. But if you REALLY need to find it for yourself (for some voyeuristic pleasure, we hope, rather than to make your purchase), enter the words “Christian books and things” into Google. It’s the fourth site in the list.

Image: Christian books and things

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