X-Babies and Barack The Barbarian – Kids Comics This Week

Hey Kids! Comics!Quick note about this week’s list — Barack The Barbarian is not a comic for younger kids. Older, more politically savvy kids, perhaps. Read on for details.

Kid Stuff

Simpsons Winter Wingding #4

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Vol 4 Dan & Drago GN: Not sure if the age range of this one but I have to think “no older than 11.” It’s Bakugan. If you don’t know what Bakugan is, you’re too old. And that’s… OK.

Street Fighter Vol 1 Round One Fight TP: See above. Although you may know what Street Fighter is because it was a video game that came out a long time ago.

Free Realms #4: This comic is advertised in my son’s comic books more than any other. I think that it’s basically an ad for the Free Realms online role-playing game.

Disney Pixars Incredibles #3: This isn’t as good as it should be, which is too bad because the movie was great. But the kids like it. It has a decent enough story but it feels very slapped together.

Archie Double Digest #204

Betty #183

Sonic The Hedgehog Vol 2 #207

Donald Duck And Friends #348: My kids aren’t big Disney fans, but they love these Disney comics. Go figure.

Cartoon Network Action Pack #44: This issue does not have Ben 10 in it, and therefore it will not be in my weekly pile. I mean my son’s weekly pile.

Looney Tunes Vol 3 #181

Aesops Fables TP: Yet another version of the old Aesop tales.

Borderline Kids Stuff/Older Kids

X-Babies #3: I think I’m going to let my son read these. There’s nothing objectionable in it, it’s just vaguely disturbing to see a baby version of Wolverine pop out of a TV and enter the “real” world. But he can handle it.

Female Force Barbara Walters: This title is pushing it a little. I like the idea of the Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin comic book biographies. Even the Female Force Stephenie Meyer comic was timely, and understandable because right now everything Twilight-related sells big time. And yes, Baba Wawa is an accomplished woman. Still it’s kind of… well, meh.

Political Power #5 Ted Kennedy: Interesting but I doubt anyone will buy it.

Grown-up stuff

Thor Vol 3 #604: Thor has gotten really good lately. First Thor brings the Asgardians back to life and plants Asgard in Oklahoma. (Really.) Then Loki does some quality lying and gets Thor exiled, and convinces the Asgardians to move to Latveria, the country ruled by the evil Doctor Doom. Doom is… well, I don’t want to give it all away. It’s fun stuff.

What If Secret Invasion: I used to love “What If?” as a kid. The idea of an alternate universe where things happened just a little bit differently fascinates me. “What If?” used to be a regular series but has lately been a series of occassional one-shots, most of which haven’t been that good. But I’ve bought most of them.

Barack The Barbarian Quest For The Treasure Of Stimuli #3: This is funnier than it has any right to be. Probably a Parental Advisory title, but it could be OK for a kid who is into politics. It’s basically Obama, McCain, Palin and others cast as Conan The Barbarian-style characters. (Conan is one of the President’s favorite comic books, according to various reports.) Best line so far: the Palin character says to the McCain character, “I’m not afraid of anything.” McCain responds, “That’s because you’re not that bright.”

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