You Don’t Need to Have a Cuddle Buddy to Want the Cuddle Mattress

cuddle mattressNo doubt you heard at some point this week about the Cuddle Mattress, thanks to either the NPR report about it or Lindy West’s comedic takedown of the concept on Jezebel. What makes the Cuddle Mattress good for cuddling is that there are slats in the mattress that allow you to shove your arm down into the foam and underneath your sleeping partner so that your arm won’t fall asleep pins and needles-style from the weight of their body as you spoon. Genius idea, right? Every couple should want one! Soon these slats will come standard on all mattresses — the way air conditioning does in cars now — because, duh, how did we ever live without them?

And having these slats in the bed doesn’t just benefit couples. I’m single, and I want a Cuddle Mattress, too. That’s because as a side sleeper, I very often make my own damn arm fall asleep just from jabbing it under my head/pillow, and if I had someplace to tuck it, that wouldn’t happen. Plus, I imagine that the Cuddle Mattress makes you feel like you’re being cuddled by it, even if you don’t have someone to snuggle with, kind of like a built-in body pillow. (“Goodnight, imaginary boyfriend. I love you!”)

As NPR notes, the bed’s design isn’t just good for promoting romance; it’s also good for those with medical problems. “Someone who had undergone multiple shoulder surgeries sent (the designer, Mehdi Mojtabavi) an email: He was eager to purchase the Cuddle Mattress.” I spent the spring and summer of 2011 with a pinched nerve. I totally get it. I needed that Cuddle Mattress cure!

Would you buy a Cuddle Mattress? Or are you too worried about spiders getting stuck in the slats?

Photo: Cuddle Mattress on Facebook

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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