You Shouldn't Be a Mom Blogger If…

Becoming part of the mom blogging community is easy, all you’ve gotta do is be a mom with a blog. No membership fee. No annual contract. Just you, us, and a whole lot of glorious belonging.

As beautiful as the mom blogging experience is, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. As our universal club of unlimited membership grows, we each learn individual lessons about the darker side of blogging.

Try as I might to convince every mother I know to join our blogging sorority, we all know mom blogging isn’t for everyone.

In fact, moms facing these hurdles might want to think twice before starting that blog.

  • Your family hates the idea 1 of 10
    Your family hates the idea
    I'm sure a ton of bloggers launched in spite of unsupportive family members. While I'm not suggesting permission is required, familial support goes a long way.
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  • You have thin skin 2 of 10
    You have thin skin
    Unfortunately, even a full body callus can't protect you from online meanies. Even the toughest blogging cookies struggle with this one.
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  • You’re guarded 3 of 10
    You're guarded
    Blogging is all about sharing. Remember, your audience can only connect to the parts you reveal.
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  • You offend easily 4 of 10
    You offend easily
    I don't care how old you are, blogging is a virtual coming of age. Get ready to see and hear things your mama never warned you about.
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  • You can’t handle a difference of opinion 5 of 10
    You can't handle a difference of opinion
    You can't put it all out there and expect everyone to agree; they won't.
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  • You don’t enjoy learning 6 of 10
    You don't enjoy learning
    To stay current in the game of social media, you've got to have the drive and ambition to keep up.
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  • You’re afraid of creeps 7 of 10
    You're afraid of creeps
    While we're all afraid of creeps, only you can decide if personal blogging is worth the calculated risk.
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  • It’s not a priority 8 of 10
    It's not a priority
    For many of us, blogging is the only thing we do for ourselves. If you don't have the time or interest in making blogging a priority, it may not be for you.
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  • You’re close-minded 9 of 10
    You're close-minded
    Sure, close-minded people blog all the time but the best bloggers are those who listen, learn, share, and inspire.
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  • You’re tribe shy 10 of 10
    You're tribe shy
    Once you start your blog, prepare for the far-reaching arms of blog love to wrap themselves around you and squeeze tight. Consider yourself warned!
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What else might a potential blogger want to think about before getting started?

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