Your Bad-Hair Day Just Got Better: 10 Hilariously Awkward Hairdos That, Thankfully, Aren’t Yours

Unless you’re Jennifer Aniston and have a staff of hair stylists at your beck and call to make sure every tousled lock is just so, you have a bad hair more often than you’d like. You just do.

You can spend hundreds on cuts, coloring, blowouts, straightening techniques and the like, but every now and again, there’s nothing that can get your part to cooperate.

Take heart, however, in knowing that some people’s hair will always be worse than yours. And that they made their hair look like that on purpose. The sick geniuses over at Awkward Family Photos are holding an Awkward Hair Contest in celebration of the film The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and the submissions don’t disappoint.

Check out the 10 finalists for the most awkward hair and then hop on over here to vote on who deserves to win (lose?):

  • Awkward Hair Photos 1 of 11
    Awkward Hair Photos
    Making your hair look awesome, one awkward photo not of you at a time.
  • The Golden Girls 2 of 11
    The Golden Girls
    Thank you for being a friend.
    After all, I couldn't go through this hairdo alone.
  • The Gellet 3 of 11
    The Gellet
    Party on the top, party in the back.
  • Permullet 4 of 11
    Party like a poodle.
  • Aquanet 5 of 11
    The family that sprays together, stays together.
  • Total Eclipse of the Head 6 of 11
    Total Eclipse of the Head
    Every now and then I get a little bit terrified and then I see the look in your eyes.

    Too much hair spray, your eyes say.
  • Braids and Confused 7 of 11
    Braids and Confused
    Take these braids and shove it.
  • Diamonds in the Sky 8 of 11
    Diamonds in the Sky
    Not to be confused with islands in the stream.

    Although you wouldn't really be blamed if did confuse the two.
  • Perm Club 9 of 11
    Perm Club
    Membership has its privileges.
  • Reach for the Stars 10 of 11
    Reach for the Stars
    Or let your hair do it for you.
  • Queen Bee 11 of 11
    Queen Bee
    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

To vote for the most awkward hairdo, visit

All photos used with permission from Awkward Family Photos


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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