Your Daily Cry: 9 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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It's amazing what one small act of kindness can mean to someone.

Someone cutting you off in traffic. People bumping into you and not saying sorry. Getting a door slammed in your face. Someone giving you an ugly look because your children are … children. We’re bombarded by a million little things every day that make us feel like people no longer have a sense of community, respect or decorum. But there are also things happening around us all the time that are life-affirming acts of extraordinary kindness. Here are nine photographs of such loveliness, all involving parents or children doing things to help their fellow man … or in some cases, dog.

  • Helping Hand 1 of 9
    Helping Hand
    True sportsmanship!
  • Take a Book 2 of 9
    Take a Book
    I love this so much.
  • Man Gives Homeless Girl His Shoes 3 of 9
    Man Gives Homeless Girl His Shoes
    Taken in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Christians Apologize at Gay Pride Parade 4 of 9
    Christians Apologize at Gay Pride Parade
    In Chicago...
  • The reaction from the parade… 5 of 9
    The reaction from the parade...
    Priceless! Sweaty man hug!
  • Young Love 6 of 9
    Young Love
    A Guatemalan girl gives flowers to a tourist she just met.
  • Dog Rescue 7 of 9
    Dog Rescue
    Clever children rescue a dog from a ravine.
  • Free Meal 8 of 9
    Free Meal
    In honor of good parenting. So sweet.
  • Best Friends 9 of 9
    Best Friends
    Does somebody have a tissue???? Hold me!!!

All photos via BuzzFeed. You must go right now and check out their 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity for more amazing, moving images.


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