Your Daily WTF: 67 Students Suspended on Account of Post-It Note Prank

Post-It note
Think of the paper-cut injuries that could have been sustained!

Who knew something as tiny as a Post-It note could cause such a big stir?

I think it’s kind of cool that six seniors from Cascade High School in Clayton, Indiana, went to their gym during non-school hours and spelled out “2012” on the floor using 10,000 Post-It notes, according to Free Range Kids. A harmless, kind of art-y prank, right? To be sure, there are many, many senior pranks that are way worse and more disruptive than the wasting of some well-placed pieces of tiny colored paper.

However not according to the school’s superintendent. The kids (who had permission from a school board member as well as the head custodian) were suspended for two days, and the janitor who supervised them was fired.

But wait! It gets worse!

A total of 67 kids were subsequently suspended as a result of the six kids who were originally suspended because they had the audacity to protest the kids who were suspended.

“It was just Post-It notes: no damage, thank goodness, occurred. Nobody was injured, thank goodness. It’s the unintended stuff that sometimes causes issues,” the school’s superintendent, Patrick Spray, said with unintentional hilarity.

Yes, thank goodness there were no injuries from the Post-It notes. I mean, imagine the paper cuts that could have been suffered! Who stocks a high supply of Band-Aids, after all? You know, besides pharmacies and supermarkets and big box stores. The horrors!

Thankfully, the original six kids saw their suspension lifted after parents met and chatted with school officials. The protesters had their sentences reduced to after-school detentions. As for the janitor who was fired? Apparently the superintendent didn’t have the authority to do it, and it appears as if the school board supports keeping her on staff.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Anyone want to join me in Post-It noting that message on the superintendent’s house? Because he really needs to lighten up.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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