Your Fate Lives Within You. The Brave Interactive Comic App

Brave Interactive Comic AppI have a son who is nearly nine years old and he’s just starting to enjoy comic books. So he was a natural for taking a test drive of Disney’s new App Store release, designed for children 7 and up, entitled Brave Interactive Comic, based on the Oscar winning film Brave.

My son, for one, really likes this comic book app. When I asked him what he liked about it, I was able to gather these insights from him.

He enjoyed the mood set by the music in the soundtrack, Ulleann pipes and penny whistle as we discovered later (and I’ll just add that they definitely evoke the feeling of the Scottish Highlands). He found the music soothing, even relaxing, and it didn’t intrude on his reading experience; in fact, he thought the music helped him focus better on reading the comic.

And here is the simple but important truth about his experience: he really enjoyed reading the story. That is to say, he liked the little white square and bubble shaped boxes with words, reading them to himself, and encountering unusual words like, “wee,” as in my brothers are “wee devils.” I was fascinated by his review because it is so easy, in these digital days, to forget how much pleasure there is in the simple act of reading a good story. And he reminded me of this truth.

I should mention as well the soundtrack also includes special sound effects. But again, they enhance the reading experience without detracting from it in my opinion, and, more importantly, in my son’s. The only problem I encountered with the Brave Interactive Comic was getting my son to put it down and come to dinner! Would you like a sneak peek? Check out the gallery below.

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  • A Charming Narrator 1 of 19
    A Charming Narrator
    Merida tells the story from her perspective.
  • You’ve Got Options 2 of 19
    You've Got Options
    The music and sound effects can be toggled and it is multi-lingual. As a mom raising two boys in a bilingual home, I love that!
  • 9 Languages 3 of 19
    9 Languages
    What a great, fun way to learn a new language..or 9!
  • I Choose…Archery 4 of 19
    I Choose...Archery
    Here's a nice example of some of the colorful and detailed artwork
  • Archery Contest 5 of 19
    Archery Contest
    The comic includes light animation throughout. On this page, for example, the arrows fly in to hit the targets.
  • Mum, You Are a Bear 6 of 19
    Mum, You Are a Bear
    There are sound effects, too.
  • Extra Artwork 7 of 19
    Extra Artwork
    Readers can click the blue and gold cauldron icon to see more artwork.
  • Rich Comic Book Artistry 8 of 19
    Rich Comic Book Artistry
    Merida's hair is lovely, don't you think?
  • Mor’du 9 of 19
    Here is just one example of some the extraordinary bonus artwork.
  • Early Sketch of Elinor and Merida 10 of 19
    Early Sketch of Elinor and Merida
    Little extra treasures like this early sketch are sprinkled through the comic book.
  • Witch Accessories 11 of 19
    Witch Accessories
    Lovely bone earings!
  • Learn to Draw 12 of 19
    Learn to Draw
    As a bonus feature, aspiring artists both young and old can learn how to draw some of their favorite characters from the story.
  • Learn to Draw Merida 13 of 19
    Learn to Draw Merida
    To give you an idea, here is the beginning of a sketch of Merida..
  • More Merida 14 of 19
    More Merida
    ...the next step...
  • The Next Step 15 of 19
    The Next Step
    ... her dress...
  • More Detail 16 of 19
    More Detail
    ...her arms for carrying her bow...
  • Her Weapons 17 of 19
    Her Weapons
    ... the bow itself..
  • Final Details 18 of 19
    Final Details
    ....and finally all those lovely locks.
  • Our Fate Lives Within Us 19 of 19
    Our Fate Lives Within Us
    So if it is your fate, you can purchase Brave Interactive Comic in the Apple App Store for $1.99 . It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 5.1 or later.

    For other Brave related Disney apps see also: Are you Brave? Take the Merida Challenge.

    Have fun!

Photo Credit: Disney/Pixar


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