Your FICO Score: Would You “Give It Up” on the First Date?

According to a recent article by Your Tango, in which they highlighted an article from The New York Times, turns out bad credit could be considered the equivalent of an STD, for some anyway.  These days a bad FICO score is enough to send a potential partner running for the hills. Much like a STD, bad credit can be contagious, particularly if you are settling down with someone who has it. Marry a person who has bad credit and immediately it is no longer just their issue but yours too. While it may initially go unnoticed come time to apply for a car or home loan and an it becomes increasingly clear that some of the material things you want in life may not come so easily any longer.

In a day and age where job loss has plagued society it is no longer uncommon for people to have to choose between a mortgage payment or just trying to get by. It is hard to believe that someone might deem you un-datable simply because of your credit score.

When you are married sometimes things happen that you have no control over, things like layoffs and health issues. These things can hurt your credit but they are issues that are now dealt with in the context of your marriage. When you are dating; however, you may feel less compelled to deal with someone’s financial challenges. For some people they have worked very hard to establish a favorable credit history and as a result, nothing is worth jeopardizing it, not even love.

I have to admit when my husband and I were dating we never talked about our credit history, not until it was evident that we were looking to settle down. A more in depth dialogue regarding finances didn’t occur until we were engaged and later had decided to apply for a home loan and subsequently purchase a house.

More often these days, it is suggested that you engage in financial discussions before you settle down and get married, but as forthcoming as I tend to be when it comes to my history, I am not sure how I would have felt on our first or second date if I was asked what my FICO score was.  Suddenly, a budding romance seems more like a potential business partnership minus a fraternization policy. “Hi, nice to meet you, please fill out this credit application and if you are approved I will call you for a second date.”

Perhaps my rose colored glasses cause me to see things a little differently but if all the other characteristics you are looking for are there is a bad credit score really a good reason to pass up on what could otherwise be a match made in heaven? Credit can be repaired but as for character I’m not so sure.

Michelle Toglia of Your Tango appropriately notes that much like STD’s there is a “stigma surrounding bad credit scores”. As I noted earlier things like job loss can play a direct role in the change from excellent credit to “poor” just as a dishonest unfaithful spouse can result in a contracted STD. You can make all the right financial decisions and still somehow fall victim to an event that could possibly impact your credit.

Many women have rules about what they aren’t willing to do on a first date such as kiss or have sex. Would you add divulging your personal credit history to the list? Would you settle down with someone who has a poor credit history? Be sure to read more about bad credit and dating at Your Tango.


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