Your First Thoughts After Giving Birth

A midwife writing for The Guardian over the weekend said that in her two years of attending births she always wonders what type of future each of her catches will have.

This is based less on a feeling and more on the feeling she gets from the parents, if she has cared for them over the course of a pregnancy. Here’s her conclusion:

… every family, every birth and every baby is a little bit different from the last

Yet it’s clear in her short piece that the child of a couple who struggled with fertility has a brighter future than one born to a mom who tweets as the umbilical cord is being cut.

But I disagree. Sure, tweet-mom might be one of these increasingly distracted parents with Blackberries. Or maybe? Maybe she’s really, really excited. Maybe the first thing that came to her mind, while the midwife was busy sizing up her poor newborns life in the shadow of an iPhone, was “she’s healthy! I’m a mom!”

Is it really so bad to want to scream that in a little digital packet to be tossed out into the world?

What was your first thought after giving birth?

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