Your Life Has Been A Lie: 15 Everyday Product Uses That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

This is the most amazing thing you’re going to see all week. Maybe even all month. If you’re the parent of more than two kids who doesn’t really get out much other than to shuttle kids to and fro and who falls asleep at night before reading or watching any TV, then this very well could be the most amazing thing you’ll see all year.

What I’m saying is, if I showed you even one of the 15 items you are about to behold, you would be amazed. AMAZED, I say.

And yet there are 15 nuggets of awesomeness contained within this post that will make your life easier, will make you a king or queen in the eyes of your children, and a make you a hero to your friends. The list was inspired by BuzzFeed’s very excellent post featuring some of these very items called 18 Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Wrong, and I highly urge you to check out their list as well.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.

  • Brace Yourselves 1 of 16

    It's about to get magical up in here.

  • Even Butter Distribution 2 of 16

     Oh. My. God. Right? RIGHT?

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  • Spoon Holder 3 of 16

    That's right. No more food barbecued into your stove top from the dirty spoon you set there. Your pan handle doubles as a spoon holder! I repeat, YOUR PAN HANDLE DOUBLES AS A SPOON HOLDER.

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  • Gettin’ Fizzy With It 4 of 16

    I don't buy 2 liters of soda because they always go flat, and as Dolly Parton can tell you, flat ain't where it's at. There's a whole bunch of scientific stuff about air and gas behind this, but if all you care about is fizzy soda, just drink a little more than half of your 2 liter, squish most of the air out, put the lid back on, and get fizzy with it 'til that bad boy is gone.

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  • This Changes Everything 5 of 16

    And here you thought the ridges were to help you grip your cup the drunker you got.

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  • How to Use A Ketchup Cup 6 of 16

     That's right. It fans out. Big enough to dunk your burger in. Or ten fries at a time. The way it should be.

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  • Aluminum Foil Holder 7 of 16

    Press here to lock end. Five words I paid no heed until now. If I could put a gif of brains exploding here I totally would. KAPOW.

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  • Tic Tac Dispenser 8 of 16

    Ever spent ten minutes shaking the Tic Tac container to get one of those bad boys out? THE LID HAS A DISPENSER. The good people over at Food Beast created a little How-To video for you called How To Eat TicTacs Like A Boss.

    That's right. You a badass now.

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  • Bananas Aren’t Just For Eating! 9 of 16

    Any parent knows how kids CDs and DVDs end up. More scratched than your cat's scratching post. But wait! Don't throw them out yet. According to the sexy geeks at, there is a quick fix. Grab a banana and rub it on the CD or DVD, then wipe it down with the inside of the banana peel. Wipe all that with a cloth using a circular motion for about four minutes, then Windex it clean.


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  • Spoon Lid 10 of 16

    Ever grab a couple of applesauces on-the-go? And then you're at the park and your kid wants some and there is nary a utensil to be found? Dude. The lid doubles as a spoon. Get yo origami on, MacGuyver! Or you can let your kid chug it like a drunk frat girl. Either way.

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  • Chinese Food Containers Open Into Plates 11 of 16

    Yup. Your Chinese takeout container is a transformer. Kind of like the ketchup lid but on a larger scale. Makes for better spicy chicken distribution. Watch how it's done.

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  • Sip Your Soda Like A Sir 12 of 16

    Ever try to sip your soda with a straw only to get poked in the eyeball or nostril by that floating bad boy? Did you know your pop top doubles as a straw holder? You're welcome.

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  • Noodle Lighter 13 of 16

    Until now, I've been rolling up paper towels and trying to stick the lit end down into the candle.

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  • It’s Not Just For Cans! 14 of 16

    Save yourself four days of your life and probably a few fingers by using a can opener to open all those seriously packaged items.

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  • Dunk Like A Boss 15 of 16

    Slip the tines of your fork right into the cream and dunk like Michael Jordan.

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  • Tangle-Free Forever 16 of 16

    It's like they wait until you're asleep to tangle and then you're standing there on the treadmill sorting them out for ten minutes before you can get your jog on. Just store 'em in an empty pill bottle and they'll never tangle again.

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