Zodiac Portraits: Photographer Snaps Clever Maternity and Newborn Shots Under the Right Sign

Dan Cuellar is no stranger to pregnant women and newborn babies. The Philadelphia-based photographer has made international news with precious shots of the teeniest, tiniest babies taken when they are just hours old. Cuellar has been taking pictures since the age of 15 and, despite his love of little babies and the tummies they developed in, he is particularly attracted to photos that capture the environment and landscapes.

Last summer he started a Zodiac portrait series for pregnant women and newborns, with each photo representing new birth under the Zodiac signs — and all serve to combine his strengths and talents.

“Each of the zodiac signs are represented separately by both the character and the environment,” Cuellar tells Babble. “For example, Gemini, the twins, are known for having two sides. The environment of Gemini is the salar de uyuni salt flat. During the rainy season, the salt flat turns into a shallow pool with a smooth surface creating a gigantic mirror that shows both sides.”

The series is ongoing, and Cuellar plans to have it finished by July. Take a look at what he’s done so far:


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All photos used with permission from Dan Cuellar

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