ZOMG, This Little Girl Skyping With Daddy Should Be an Ad for Skype

ZOMG, Little Girl Skyping With Daddy Should Be an Ad for Skype (Video) - BabbleThis video of a 20-month-old Korean girl seeing her daddy on Skype proves that there is a universal language of toddlers that involves squealing and happy dances. Yerin Park’s delight at seeing her daddy on the television screen will, as writer Laura Beck on Jezebel said, “make you want to have many babies.”

I remember enough Korean from my Army days to know that “Appa” is “Daddy,” and that at the beginning of the video, the mom is telling her daughter to “say hello to Daddy.” And I’m pretty sure from the blog post where this video originated, the dad was travelling to Dubai, and hadn’t seen his daughter in days.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got, language-wise, unless you need me to order a coffee, a beer, or an anti-tank weapon. Good thing the video completely speaks for itself anyway.

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You can find more videos of Yerin, and her baby sister Yeseo, on their very own YouTube channel. I’m particularly fond of this one where Yerin helps teach Yeseo how to crawl, and then cheers her on. So sweet.

(via: Jezebel)

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