Meet the Zorilla: The Smelliest Animal in the World

zorrilla animal on letterman
Letterman introduced to the zorilla

Last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, we were introduced to the zorilla — which holds the esteemed position of the smelliest animal in the world.

Celebrity zookeeper Jack Hanna brought the small skunk-like animal (it’s actually in the weasel family) on the show and proclaimed that it was the only one in the country — they’re otherwise only found in Africa.

After being nudged by the zookeeper, Dave proceeded to put the animal in his shirt. Here’s why:

Hanna urged Letterman to open his shirt, which he did (a few buttons), and the zookeeper guided the zorilla towards his belly, saying “it likes a warm body, Dave.”

This is exactly what we used to do with our pet guinea pigs when i was growing up — they like the security, warmth and hiding place.

But if you’re considering a pet for your family, I’d skip this one. Apparently, when it goes on the defensive, the smell let off by this cuddly, striped, ferret-like creature out-stinks any other animal. Its name apparently means, “father of stinks.” I’d personally go with a guinea pig instead.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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