People Are Freaking Out Over This Video of an Adorable 1-Year-Old “Hairdresser”

Imagine asking your 1-year-old to do your hair while chatting with you about your day. Sounds impossible, right?

Tell that to 25-year-old Kerry Robinson, who recently posted a conversation with her 1-year-old daughter Jayde on Facebook, in a video that has recently gone viral. As she told ABC News, Jayde had been running around too much, so she gave her a hairbrush and started talking to her on camera.

It looks perfectly normal at first — until you hear her daughter’s responses. In fact, you really should watch this twice.

The video starts off with Kerry pretending to complain while her daughter mimics her in a super cute way (repeating words like, “Girl!” and “He crazy!”) while running the brush through her mom’s hair.

But in between her mimicking, it really starts to seem like the conversation isn’t so one-sided after all.

While Kerry is explaining the situation, her daughter Jayde curiously asks, “Then what happened?” — just like any friendly hairdresser.

Later Kerry asks, “Girl, ain’t he crazy?”

“He crazy,” says Jayde, smoothing her mom’s hair like she knows what she’s doing.

And then this…

“Can you believe it?” her mom asks.

“No,” her daughter says flatly with a shake of her head.

“Me either, girl!” her mom answers jovially. Jayde gives her a playful raise of her eyebrows — and you’d swear she was 40 years old.

Kerry told ABC News that Jayde’s father “talks to her like a normal adult,” which is why she seems so mature for her age.

And people are loving it, with over 15 million video views, 200K likes, and many heartfelt comments showing how much they adore this little girl. One user writes, “She’s just a ball of fire.” While another comments, “This video made my day. She’s so freaking cute.” Another can’t get enough of her, saying “I’ve watched this video about 20 times!”

All I know is, I’ve been looking for a good hairstylist whom I can talk to — and this little lady perfectly fits the bill.

h/t: ABC News

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