10 Extremely Serious Potty-Training Hacks

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Image source: Thinkstock

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Have you been potty training for what feels like forever? Or are you a newbie who just started reading My Big Girl Potty with your suspicious toddler? Either way, you’ll appreciate these (totally serious*) potty training hacks:

1. Start acclimating your child to the potty whenever possible.

Don’t be satisfied with just having your child sit on the potty in the bathroom: take that potty on the road! Why should your child sit on the floor during library story time when the potty is available? Put the potty next to Santa so your child can sit there instead of the (unoriginal) lap picture. Get creative!

2. Make sticker charts (for parents).

You get one sticker when you answer potty training questions politely, two stickers when you clean up pee from the floor, three stickers when you clean up poop from the floor, and six stickers when you don’t complain about potty training for an hour. Ten stickers equals one glass of wine.

3. Stay on task.

Watch your child like a hawk for signs that she has to use the potty. Signs include crossing her legs, wiggling back and forth, and — oh my God, you just went? Why didn’t you TELL MOMMY?

4. Make underwear fun.

To this end, everyone wears only underwear or training pants around the house! No pants allowed, not for mommies either. Yes, this can double as your husband’s early birthday present.

5. Use positive reinforcement.

Every time your child uses the potty, give her a piece of chocolate. Dark chocolate with hazelnuts. What was that? You don’t like it? No problem, mommy will eat it.

6. Draw on social support.

Find the moms in your neighborhood who are potty training at the same time as you. Lean on them for support and advice, unless they act really smug about their kid wearing underwear through the night, in which case you can hang out with your friends with newborns, who think your kid is super advanced.

7. Be consistent.

A trip to Costco is not a reason to go backward and chicken out! Show your confidence by keeping your child in underwear or training pants no matter what. Unless it’s a car trip of over 20 minutes. I mean, you’re not a fool.

8. Keep spirits up!

Sing songs about the potty, draw pictures about being a big kid now, and bake potty-shaped cookies that you find on Pinterest. Then find a sitter to deal with your kid for an hour while you get a pedicure to decompress from all that enthusiasm.

9. Find role models.

Show your child all the people who have been successfully potty-trained, like Elmo, you, Grandma, the UPS guy, or whoever is handy. Scoff when your husband thinks that asking the UPS guy what type of underwear he wears is “flirting.” You gotta have some fun.

10. Take a long-term perspective.

Potty training can’t last forever. I mean, it can last months, but not forever. Maybe like six months in a worst case scenario. Except if there’s regression. Look, stop being so negative. Let’s sing a potty song.

*And by totally serious we mean not serious at all.

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