10 Reasons Why I’m “That Mom”

Before I was a mom I was kind of naive.

I had a laundry list of things I wasn’t going to do when I had a baby, because I swore that I wasn’t going to let being a mom change me; I wasn’t going to be “that mom”.

Fast forward four months and here I am breaking all my own stupid rules and slowly but surely turning into…dun, dun, dun…”that mom”.

  • 1. My Instagram is chock full of baby photos and little else 1 of 10
    If you follow me on Instagram, then I apologize for the onslaught of baby photos 24/7, but I just can't help myself. I swore I wouldn't be "that mom" who posted non-stop photos, but staying home with Fern all day has provided too much photo-taking temptation for me. I try to wait until she's making a particularly cute face or wearing a particularly cute outfit, but sometimes her loveliness in a particular light is enough to elicit an IG post.
  • 2. I’ve totally wiped stuff off Fern’s face using my spit 2 of 10
    Yep. I thought this was totally gross before having a child of my own and would shudder when I saw other moms do this, but it's totally happened. Sometimes spit is the closest baby-cleaning product you've got.
  • 3. Sometimes I forget the last time I had a shower 3 of 10
    Sad, but true. Giving my stinky baby a bath is higher on the priority list since she doesn't have the luxury of deodorant, perfume and dry shampoo.
  • 4. I’ve mastered the art of the mom braid 4 of 10
    When you don't get to shower on a daily basis, you have to get creative with making it look like you have; this is where the "mom braid" comes into play. It's a total life-saver.
  • 5. I have a mom uniform 5 of 10
    Right after Fern was born I was anxious to get back into dresses and heels and I really did give it my best effort, but I soon realized that practicality trumps style when you have a little one. I try not to get too frumpy, but wearing clothes that are nursing friendly and shoes that are comfortable for carrying around a baby and her luggage all the time are a bit more important than personal style these days.
  • 6. I’ve changed a diaper in a parking lot 6 of 10
    I always thought it was weird when I saw moms changing diapers in parking lots — oh how naive I was! Now that I've seen those changing stations in bathrooms up-close-and-personal, I'd much prefer to do a diaper change in my car, where it is much cleaner.
  • 7. I drive a station wagon 7 of 10
    Total mom-mobile and I love it. At least it's not a minivan, though it would be very practical, my husband forbids it.
  • 8. The crockpot has become my best friend 8 of 10
    Dinner is pretty much the only meal of the day that gets made consistently and with the busy-ness of entertaining a baby all day, the crock pot is amazing. I sing its praises to all my friends who probably think I'm crazy.
  • 9. I carry a diaper bag instead of a purse 9 of 10
    Purses have gone the way of the dodo and now my personal belongings have been pared down to a small clutch inside the gigantor diaper bag that is full of Fern's stuff.
  • 10. My baby is more stylishly dressed than I am 10 of 10
    Since practicality is the name of my wardrobe game, I have fun with Fern's wardrobe. Sometimes the things I dress her in aren't the most convenient for speedy diaper changes on-the-go, but it's totally worth it to me. One of us might as well look cute.


Even though I may be “that mom” now, it’s totally worth it and I am completely happy.


Lauren Hartmann is the founder of The Little Things We Do, a blog about life and adventures in Portland Oregon. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook, or catch up on all of her posts here on Babble.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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