10 Reminders That You’re a Good Mom

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It’s almost Mother’s Day, which means your kids will inevitably wait until the very last minute to buy you a card; probably from the 7-Eleven. It’s no surprise, either, because while you spend months searching for the perfect Christmas presents, they somehow always think it’s a great idea to get you a gift certificate for a store that sells Capri pants and glitter tank tops. (It’s the thought that counts, right?)

This year, I want to make sure that you get the recognition you deserve, which is why I have outlined your many unrecognized achievements.

You deserve high praise — today and every day — and here’s why.

1. Thank you for growing that baby inside your lady cavity for nearly 10 whole months. That year could have been spent enjoying delicious vodka tonics, Pinot Grigio, or margaritas, but you made your health and that of your baby a priority.

Maybe you went through hell to bring them into this world, enduring months of IVF and endless doctor visits where you were told that it just may never happen for you. Or maybe you met your baby through adoption, after months of waiting and wishing and hoping. However your child came to you, you wanted them with every fiber of your being. And that means everything.

2. If you did give birth, then you know that while everyone else held your baby and marveled at their beauty in those first few days after delivery, you wore a frozen diaper in your mesh underwear, sat on a donut pillow, or recovered from that c-section — all while wondering if you would ever be able to wear normal underwear and pants again. (“Don’t mind me, everyone, I’ll just sit here and power through some post-natal contractions … “)

3. Thanks to you for all those months you spent waking up diligently for middle-of-the-night bottle feedings or non-stop breastfeeding sessions; or the hours spent tortured by a heavy-duty suction apparatus that mangled your nipples. Because at the end of the day, all you cared about was keeping your baby fed and healthy and feeling loved.

4. There were times you could have woken up early to take a shower, straighten your hair, put on a nice outfit, or apply makeup; but there were so many other things to do — things that weren’t about only you. And also, because if someone in the family has to look homeless, it shouldn’t be the kids. You took one for the team because you are a giver.

5. Thank you for all the times you could have spent the weekend with your friends from college or at a spa, but going to a swim meet or subjecting yourself to a dance recital was more important. No, really, you told yourself, I am so happy to be here all day in a cold auditorium watching 6-years-olds dance to club music.

6. Give yourself credit for figuring out how to get to work and keep your clients or coworkers happy on top of getting Elsa and Anna from Frozen to perform at your kid’s birthday party.

7. And don’t forget all those times you sat through an animated movie when you would have been much happier watching the last season of House of Cards. (I totally feel you.)

8. And for generously allowing your one vacation this year to be spent at a kid-friendly resort — that was not easy.

9. Thank you for putting twice as much research into where to enroll your kid for elementary school then you ever spent looking at colleges for yourself.

10. For spending money that could have gone towards restoring your own personal beauty on surf and snowboard lessons, summer camp, and school tuition.

I salute you, sister friends. Cheers to your awesomeness.

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