This Adorable 10-Year-Old Has a Side Gig as an Inspirational Life Coach

We all need a pep talk from time to time. Empowering words can lift us up and remind us to hold onto our goals and dreams. No one knows that more than 10-year-old life coach Arianna Fox.

She’s an inspirational speaker on a mission: to motivate and encourage both kids and adults to not only dream big, but to also actively work toward realizing those dreams. That’s why she founded Big Ideas Kid Coaching, a motivational company that helps inspire people of all ages.

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Arianna’s desire to empower others has existed within her for a long time, but a conversation with her family a year ago about the coaching idea sparked her desired to move on her dream. “After my parents told me the idea, I got so into the company and I was soon ready to go full-force into being a ‘kidpreneur,’ and inspiring kids and adults,” she tells Babble.

And so she did!

Arianna’s sessions are nothing short of inspiring. She tailors each topic to whichever audience she has on a particular day — such as adults, corporate professionals, tweens, and kids. When coaching large groups of children, she begins with lively music to pump them up, then gives them an exciting intro about herself, which leads into stories that have strong morals. After that, she dives into interactive games with the children, all to add fun and connectedness to the event.

One such game involves holding balloons that act as their “dreams.” She guides the kids through an exercise of holding their own balloon while trying to pop the other kids’ “dream” balloons. The idea behind the exercise is to show kids that there is room for everyone to have dreams, and we need to encourage all to be generous and supportive of each other. Recently one kid came up to her afterwards and said, “I’m holding onto my balloon, which is my dream. I’m protecting it. I don’t want anyone else to pop it.”

Good work, Arianna!

And no matter the group, she always ends with an especially uplifting message: “You rock, dream big, and you’ve got this!” Arianna chose this mantra because it is her goal to plant a seed in each person’s heart to take inspired action after the event. “I want anyone to take that spark that I gave them and do something with it,” Arianna says.

image source: mike fox

Her vivacious, positive energy has helped audiences feel ready to take on the world. Of her work, Kent-Sussex Industries relationship manager Mark Reeve says, “She’s an extremely articulate, intelligent young lady who understands how to motivate people in the best possible way.” While Master Networks Maryland regional director Ken LaRosa says, “Arianna Fox engages with vigor and enthusiasm. This young entrepreneur has the potential to be a great speaker, and will be a leader in whichever industry she pursues.”

Her goal is to ultimately help kids and adults succeed, overcome fear and shyness, to be inspired, and inspire others.

“Don’t be afraid to dream big. Also, if you have a fear of public speaking, or even if you’re shy, I want you to know that you can overcome that obstacle. Don’t be afraid to shine, and you’ve got this!” Arianna says.

Arianna’s dad Mike says that her accomplishments have inspired him to dream big, too. “When I grow up, I want to be like her!” he playfully tells Babble.

Arianna does even more for Mike to be proud of. In addition to her coaching, she is the junior marketing director for her family’s digital marketing agency Splash Designworks. She attends business mixers, events, and plays a significant role in helping the company — you guessed it! — dream bigger.

As if all this weren’t enough, Arianna is also penning her first book, called The Princess Chronicles. “It’s about princesses that live in a kingdom, and it’s about morals, honor, honesty, kindness, and friendship,” Arianna tells Babble. And her future plans? She wants to continue coaching and speaking, write chapter books, perform comedy, and own a business. 

She reminds us all to keep our dreams close to our heart, no matter what gets in our way. Way to go, Arianna!

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