11 Ways Having a Teen Is Surprisingly Awesome

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Last week I wrote the following line on Facebook: You might be the parent of a teen if …

As you can imagine, I got many hilarious responses! Of course, any parent of a teen (especially a boy) knows their room can sometimes smell like the large mammal exhibit at Brookfield Zoo, or can contain enough dirty dishes to host a formal dinner party for 20. Any parent of a teen (especially a girl) knows there is sometimes enough drama and eye rolling to fill an entire season of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

But there are good things about having teens too. Yes, there really are! And here are just a few …

You can buy whatever you want at the grocery store.

You can use the excuse, “I have teenagers” when checking out at the grocery store with Pop-Tarts, Cheetos, Ding Dongs, Coke, 2 gallons of milk, and 8 loaves of bread. (You don’t have to tell anyone that the Ding Dongs are for you!)

They can operate the TV remote.

Teens are the only ones who know how the remote controls work when the TV gets stuck on HSN in Spanish.

They keep you “cool.”

If it wasn’t for my teens, I’d be totally out of the loop on the latest Youtube sensation, phone app, and texting lingo. Teens are always in-the-know about the latest fads.

They can protect against a zombie invasion.

Your teenage boy can protect your family. If you ever have a zombie invasion, he’s your man. Thanks to countless hours of practice playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, he’ll be able to defend you from the brain-eating, walking undead.

They can help around the house.

Maybe you hate taking out the garbage or mowing the lawn. Perhaps scrubbing toilets is just not your thing. Teens are perfect to pass chores off on! Not only are you getting out of doing the dreaded chore, but your teen is learning valuable life skills. Win-win!

You save on a gym membership.

Get your workout by walking up and down the stairs a dozen times every morning in an effort to wake your teen up for school. You’ll have quads like Arnold in no time!

They’re a free delivery service.

Sure it’s scary teaching a teen how to drive. (And let’s not even discuss how much our auto insurance premiums go up when we add teen drivers to our policies!) But the awesome thing about having a teen driver is that they’re always willing to run out to the store for you. Ran out of milk? Your 5th grader needs poster board? You need emergency chocolate? No problem! Send your teen to the store!

They can help out with homework.

If you have younger kids, teens come in handy during homework time. You can’t make heads or tails out of your 5th grader’s math homework? Sounds like a job for the big brother/sister.

Food never goes to waste.

Hate having to throw out left-over food? That never happens when you have teenagers! I don’t know where they put it all, but teens seem to always be hungry, and have the ability to eat nonstop.

They are ridiculously funny.

My teens crack me up all the time, and we regularly share laughs together. You know, the fall-off-the-couch, wet-your-pants, great belly laughs. Nothing makes you feel better than laughing until your sides hurt. They especially like to be comedians when it comes to texting me, like I wrote here.

They’re that much closer to moving out!

Although, when they pass those teen years and you’re still standing (albeit with a little more gray hair), you may just realize that the teen years weren’t so bad after all and you’re actually sad to see them grow up and move out. I know it’s hard to believe as you walk into your teen’s room at 2:00 PM to make sure they’re still breathing since they’ve been sleeping all day, but trust me on this one. One day you’ll miss those teens with all their odd teenage behavior.

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