11 Thoughts Every Co-Sleeping Parent Has in the Middle of the Night

Image Source: Lauren Jimeson
Image Source: Lauren Jimeson

As parents, we know there were so many things we swore we would never do when we had kids, and yet as soon as we were living it, we saw how easy it is to eat our own words. For me, one of those things was co-sleeping. Because I loved my sleep too much, I said I’d never have a little one in our bed and that they’d just learn how to sleep on their own. Oh how naive I was in those pre-mom days.

Now, three kids later, we are almost guaranteed to have at least one child in our bed each night. My youngest son still hasn’t figured out what sleeping through the night is and so it’s much easier for me to just let him sleep in the bed with us once he wakes up in the middle of the night to eat. My two-year-old is going through a phase where she just “wants to cuddle” and how can you say no to that?

But despite all of the cuddles, it can get quite hectic and squished in a bed with little ones. While they may be sound asleep, my mind tends to wander. I asked other co-sleeping parents what thoughts they have in the middle of the night with their child sleeping next to them and I know I’ve thought all of their responses if not once, multiple times each night.

“How is it possible such tiny people take up so much room???” — Kristine D. 

This is the number one thing I ask myself each night. No matter how small, it’s their goal to try to take up as much of the bed as possible. Always.

“Wish we had a bigger bed.” — Lisa B. 

I wish that too, but sadly I know the reality is no matter how big the bed, they will find you.

“He’s sleeping in his own bed tomorrow!” — Arianna D.

Yep. Always the goal, yet it never happens.

“I really need to cough but I’ll just have to hold it in so I don’t wake him up.” — Katie L.

Whatever you do, don’t wake them up!

“Why do you have to sleep sideways?” — Stacy D. 

I’m beginning to think it’s part of a child’s genetic makeup that they have to sleep sideways all the time.

“I have to reposition myself but I’m worried if I wake him he will never go back to sleep” — Sam G. 

Ugh, I did that the other night and it did not work out in my favor. Will never do it again.

“Get your foot out of my face.” — Tuesday G. 

And elbow. And finger. And head.

“How can a child move so much within a short period of time?” — Jaz B.

That’s all they do in their sleep: move!

“Why must you stick your little elbow there?” — Brittany M. 

It’s always right in the ribs or the face, isn’t it?

“Scoot over!”— Hylea M.

All. the. time.

“How is it possible that you fall asleep instantly in my bed, but will fight it to the end in your own?” — Me

The second I put them in their bed, they will either cry or use every excuse not to go to sleep, but the second they come and lay in our bed, magic happens and they are sleeping soundly. I don’t get it.

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