12 Woes of Being a Little Brother

Image source: Lori Garcia
Image source: Lori Garcia

There are times when I look at my sons and can’t help but think how lucky they are. As each other’s first and best friends, they share a history and biology so special, my heart bursts wide open for the beautiful bond that is their brotherhood.

But that’s not to suggest my boys view their relationship in quite the same way. At ages 7 and 12 there’s still too much blame to cast, territory to conquer, and toys and attention to share to fully consider themselves family fortunate.

When my eldest compiled his list of big brother grievances, I wondered how the littler half felt. Did he, too, find himself caught in a bad bromance?

Indeed, he did. Take a look at this little brother’s big list of woes:

1. My brother says mean stuff. He always says I farted when I didn’t and he did. And his┬ásmell way worse.

2. He always thinks he’s smarter than me just because he’s older. He always tells me I’m saying words wrong.

3. Most of my toys are his old toys and they’re missing pieces sometimes or are broken and he doesn’t even care.

4. I have to go to bed first because I’m younger and it’s not fair.

5. He doesn’t like me talking to his friends, probably because they like me better.

6. He walks faster than me because his legs are longer and then he calls me slow. I’m not slow; I’m almost the fastest in my class.

7. He always tells me to get out of his room because he wants to be alone, but that’s boring.

8. He never listens to me because he says he doesn’t have to and that’s not true because sometimes Dad tells me stuff to tell him.

9. I don’t have a cell phone and he does and it’s not fair. He texts his friends all the time and I don’t get to do that.

10. I like his name better, so I want to be called it and he gets mad because he says it’s confusing, but it’s not.

11. He doesn’t have to sit in a booster seat in the car and brags about it.

12. My mom puts my brother in charge of me when she has to go talk to the neighbor or talk on the phone for her job. He gets all mean like he’s the boss of me and says he’s going to tell on me.

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