Fierce 12-Year-Old Just Schooled Her Little Sister’s Bullies with Epic Lesson on Kindness

A 12-year-old girl recently decided to get creative when dealing with her little sister’s bullies, by creating a fake party invitation — and it’s quickly going viral.

The invite was photographed cover to cover and posted on Twitter by the girls’ babysitter after seeing the heartwarming gesture of a protective sibling. While it was originally posted back in April 2016, this epic lesson on kindness has been making the Internet rounds again this week — garnering over 16k retweets and 27k likes.

A homemade card in hot pink paper reads "You're Invited!" on the front.
Image Source: @daisybhelm/Twitter

This big sis decided to take matters into her own hands when she heard her little sister was being picked on by a group of mean girls and decided to invite the bullies to a fake sleepover …

The inside of the card tells the bullies that they are formally invited to stop being jerks to her little sister.
Image Source: @daisybhelm/Twitter

“Hey there!” the inside of the card reads. “You … are officially invited to stop being jerks to my sister!”

And just in case they needed further details on the party before they RSVP’d, the sender was sure to include those, too:

When: Right now

Where: Everywhere

What to bring: Bring your nasty attitude and throw it right in the trash can

Why: You guessed it folks, you’re being jerks

The sentiments of pretty much any kid who’s ever been bullied are perfectly summed up by this protective sibling, because really, enough is enough. And she does it with all the sass and finesse only a tween can deliver, by telling them they can RSVP to Ava at (859)-BYE-JERKS or via email at ava@kindlyfreakingstop.gmail.com.

Seriously, if this girl is looking for extra friends, I know a 42-year-old mom of three who would happily raise her hand.

The back of the invite reiterates that the girls really should STOP.
Image Source: @daisybhelm/Twitter

Some in the Twitter-verse feel she may be out of line and that two wrongs don’t make a right. But I’m not sure I agree.

I think there can be value in calling out the actions of others who are being hurtful and cruel. If these girls are so comfortable pushing around another classmate, they should be ready for the repercussions of others — and that includes a bully-shaming big sis. Even young children need to understand the consequences of bullying and be held accountable for how they treat others. If not, little bullies turn into big bullies no one wants to be around.

She even manages to conclude her invite with a final plea for these ladies to STOP — in 20 different languages.

Hey, sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire; and I say this big sis is most definitely on fire.

h/t: Elite Daily

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