13 Things I Do (At Least) 13 Times a Day

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You’ve most likely heard what Einstein thinks about repetition. He’s often quoted as saying, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

When you become a parent, your day becomes a loop of doing the same thing … over and over and over again. It’s not always about expecting a different result — usually it’s to prevent all of the food in the fridge from rotting or to stop the rapid spread of a virus.

Every day with our kids is different, new, and exciting, and yet every day I somehow end up stepping on a Lego. You would think by a certain age our little ones would absorb our parenting wisdom and not need us to help them navigate so much of their day, but so far the most progressive response I have gotten is, “I KNOW. I KNOW!”

Here are 13 things motherhood has me doing (at least) 13 times a day …

1. Say “one moment, please”

When my son W was 2 years old, he heard the phrase “one moment, please” often. (OK, who am I kidding, he STILL hears it!)

He started responded with “one W, please.”

He thought I was telling him “one mama” and that it was the beginning of a counting game.

Certainly explains why my pleading for him to just give me ONE MOMENT never, ever, EVER worked.

2. Serve snacks

I hate snacks. And yet I end up serving tiny snacks 13 or more times a day. A small dish of raisins, some crackers and cheese, another cup of milk …

When your little one is going through a growth spurt, they are eating machines.

3. Look for dishes

The snacks then create the issue of needing to search and rescue dishes. There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the day and realizing you have NO idea where the sippy cup of milk you handed him at 8 AM ended up. Constant vigilance is needed to hunt and track dishes and snack containers.

4. Ask for quiet

Over and over and over and over again, I hold up my index finger asking for quiet while on a phone call. It’s not that I’m on the phone all day, usually I need to ask for quiet 40 times within one 2-minute phone call with my pharmacist.

5. Step on a Lego

At LEAST 13 times a day I step on a Lego or train track. OW! Even worse than stepping on a toy is stepping on a Goldfish cracker on the carpet. It’s painful in the “ugh, now I have to get out the vacuum!” kind of way.

6. Remind my kid of manners

All day, every day:

“Stop chasing the cat!”

“No hitting!”

“Give it back!”

“Say please, please”.

7. Ask “do you have to use the potty?”

At some point our kids will be able to just go because they know. But until that moment happens I spend a good bit of my day asking my son if he needs to go to the bathroom or demanding that my son TRY to go to the bathroom.

8. Say “no”

I shudder at the idea of ever actually counting the number of times I say the words “no,” or “not yet,” or “not today.” So often I feel like 40% of my job as a parent is to thwart or squash my son’s plans and that is hard.

But seriously, NO, you can not draw on my legs.

9. Smell something suspicious

Hold on. Do you smell that? What IS that?

*dart from room to room searching for mystery smell*

10. Stop the spread of germs

Kids are covered with germs and cooties, and it’s our job to keep that grossness locked down as best we can. This is why all day we call out, “Elbows!” when we hear our little ones cough. Or ask, “Did you wash your hands?” when our kids walk out of the bathroom. And follow up with, “Did you use soap??”

11. Say “turn that down”

I honestly had no idea that kids were so loud. I am constantly asking my son to “please turn that down” or “stop yelling.”

I may or may not remove batteries from some toys after bedtime.

12. Tell my kid to close the fridge

You would think with all of the snack-giving going on, my son would stay out of the kitchen, but nope. Several times a day I have to ask him to get out of the pantry or fridge. Many times he just likes to gaze at what’s in there, and many times I freak out that he will forget to close the freezer and all of of our frozen foods will spoil.

13. Infuse love

Every time I walk by my son, I squeeze him or hug him or cuddle him or swoop him up in a mama bear caress. More than anything I do or ask or say, I radiate love towards my kid. We are a lovey-dovey duo.

I didn’t know so many of my days would resemble the previous day, but within the familiar reminders and nudges and routine, there is growth and change and fun.

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