16 Photos Every Parent Has on Their Phone: Part 2

With the unrivaled popularity of photo-capable social media sharing sights like Facebook and Instagram, it comes as no surprise that people are taking more and more photos of seemingly normal, everyday things.

No longer are cameras reserved for photographers, vacations, or special occasions. Most of us tend to have a camera of some shape or form in our back pocket at any given time. So it also comes as no surprise that there’s often an oversharing of said photos, especially when it comes to kids (and pets).

But regardless of whether you’re the type of parent that actually shares these photos or just reserves them for family members, there’s a good chance you have quite a few saved on your camera roll. Here are some photos that all parents tend to have on their phone.

(Yeah, go ahead and look back at your camera roll, I dare you.)

The Coffee Photo

Image Source: Heather Neal

Because coffee is the key to life sustainability once you’re a mom, right? This is followed closely by The Wine Picture, the other elixir of life as a parent.

The “Paparazzied-Out” Photo

baby paparazzi
Image Source: Heather Neal

For some reason there’s nothing funnier than taking a picture of a kid who doesn’t want his picture taken. Unless of course, you’re trying to get a perfectly staged family photo.

The “Why My Kid Is Crying” Photo

why my kid is crying
Image Source: Heather Neal

I lied above. The funniest is taking a picture of your kid that’s stark-raving mad over something entirely inconsequential. Like not having enough veggie straws in his bowl.

The Blackmail Photo

princess dress up (500x500)
Image Source: Heather Neal

Oh, which to choose. These are perfect for saving for proms and first dates. (You’re welcome, son, for just sharing it on the Internet for all to see.)

The “First Day/Last Day of Anything” Photo

first day of school
Image Source: Heather Neal

First day of school, first time in the pool, first birthday, first ice cream cone, first anything you name it. Same goes for last. Extra credit for side-by-side split photos comparing first and last of something or Pinterest-esque signs and/or chalkboards.

The “Proof I Exercised” Photo

Image Source: Heather Neal

Because that one time I really did make it to the gym, I swear.

The “My Kid Is Doing Something Naughty” Photo

nap fighter (500x500)
Image Source: Heather Neal

Obviously it’s the better parenting choice to document rather than discipline.

The “This Is What My House Really Looks Like” Photo

(null) (500x500)
Image Source: Heather Neal

Transparency trumps all.

The “Blurry but Still Saved It” Photo

IMG_5009 (500x500)
Image Source: Heather Neal

Because kids move. Fast. Always.

The “Baby in a Towel” Photo

(null)_2 (500x500)
Image Source: Heather Neal

(Not reserved for babies.) What’s cuter than a kid in a hooded towel?

The “I Got Dressed in Real Clothes” Selfie

mom got dressed selfie
Image Source: Heather Neal

Totally worthy of documentation and proof. Let’s be real, it may be awhile before it happens again.

The “I Actually Cooked Dinner” Photo

Image Source: Heather Neal

Bonus points if dinner ends up on a real plate. Triple bonus points if you get to eat it sitting down.

The “This Never Happens” Photo

Image Source: Heather Neal

When something as rare as a sleeping kid happens, it’s most definitely worthy of documentation, oversharing, and immediate yet short-lived bragging rights.

The “Cut-off Nursing” Photo

Image Source: Heather Neal

Because while documenting this normal act is one thing, showing off the goods to the world (even if hidden on your camera roll) just doesn’t always fly.

Version two: The “Eating While Nursing” Photo. (Is it even possible to nurse without a snack? Or without dropping it all over baby’s head?)

The “Baby Sleeping on the Monitor” Photo

sleeping baby on monitor
Image Source: Heather Neal

Because there is nothing more victorious than getting a baby to sleep while you’re still awake enough to do something else.

Or if you’re like me, you have many more versions of this picture when the baby is awake and creepily staring back at you.

The “Stand Alone Baby Part” Photo

baby fingers
Image Source: Heather Neal

Maybe it’s fingers, maybe it’s toes. I even have pictures of nothing but my son’s curls. Because baby-everythings are cute and adorable.

And here are 13 more photos every parent has on their phone.

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