16 Tasks Parents Just Can’t Get off Their “To-Do” Lists

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If you were inclined to be charitable, you might call my un-plucked eyebrows thick and lush. In reality, they’re a bit, shall we say, unkempt.

Of course, I blame my children. Grooming my little forehead caterpillars is just one of the many tasks that often get ignored as I try to balance caring for my two little ones with the other grownup responsibilities dominating my daily “To-Do” lists — lists, by the way, that never EVER get completely checked off.

With kids, there’s always a last-minute something or other — a request for yet another snack, a fresh case of the sniffles, a ripped drawing that must be taped back together immediately OR THE WORLD WILL END — that can distract one from her pre-appointed tasks. In my case, I’ll usually get my most pressing work-related tasks completed ’cause Mama’s gotta get paid … but less pressing things tend to get the short shrift. And after doing a wee bit of research, I know I’m definitely not alone.

Check out what “To-Do” list items other parents and parenting bloggers around the country say often end up falling by the wayside …

Hair Hassles

“Shaving my legs. I am sure my husband sometimes wishes this was a higher priority, but he is smart enough to NEVER mention it.” — Traci McNett-O’Neill, Michigan, A Day in the Life of a Drama Queen’s Momma

“Upper lip wax — my older son asked me if I will be taking care of my beard anytime soon.” — Supriya, New Jersey

“I keep putting off (cutting) my hair and then I can’t any more so I take to it with the next closest thing, like a butter knife.” — Alexandra Rosas, Wisconsin, Good Day Regular People

Bad Housekeeping

“Painting my place. It’s still the same ugly white as when we moved in. I even bought paint and I am staring at one can right now.” — Madeleine, California

“Clean out the fridge. I have leftovers in there which have enough hair to be considered a pet.” — Toni Hammer, Oregon, Is It Bedtime Yet?

“Getting through my “pile” (magazines like The New Yorker, New York, college alumni mags) — I call this ‘depiling.'” — Ed, New York

“There will NEVER be a time when all the laundry is 100% finished. There are sheets, towels, dirty dog towels, and clothes that no longer fit my kids that I’ve been MEANING to wash, but the clothes we need NOW take [precendence] over all the other dirty stuff.” — Teri Biebel, West Virginia, Snarkfest

“Hadn’t washed the floors in probably 2 months. I finally did it on my birthday since I thought of that as my ‘day off.'” — Stacey Gill, New Jersey, One Funny Motha

(Don’t) Do It for the Children

“I haven’t printed any photos or albums since before the baby was born. He’s almost 1. We have tons of pictures of his big sister all over the house and I feel so guilty about it, but the longer I wait the more daunting this task becomes.” — Katie, New York

“Do you think it’s too late to mail out my son’s birth announcements? He turned 2 years old in December.” — Darcy Zalewski, Wisconsin, Tales From the Nursery

“I have yet to organize my kids’ baby books. Hopefully I’ll get it together by the time they get married and have children of their own.” — Linda Wolff, California, Carpool Goddess

“I keep forgetting to get ingredients for my son’s birthday cake. Luckily (?) his birthday is tomorrow, so this’ll be crossed off my list soon whether I remember to do it or not! Then I’ll replace it with ‘get ingredients for daughter’s birthday cake,’ because OMG it’s always somebody’s birthday around here.” — Robyn Welling, Michigan, Hollow Tree Ventures 

Pet Peeves

“We put off grooming the dog for way too long and she started to look like a dreadlocked ewok. When we finally brought her in she got shaved and we got a lecture — now the groomer texts reminders.” — Alex, Massachusetts

“I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve forgotten to change the cat litter. You’d think that with 2 adults, 1 child and 2 cats living in a small apartment it’d be easy to remember, but sometimes it’s not until she’s down for the night that the smell hits me and by then it’s too late since the dust buster would wake her up. Poor kitties!” — Lorne Jaffe, New York, Raising Sienna

Basic Bodily Functions

“I keep forgetting to breathe. Seriously. Just take a step back, relax, and breathe. In through the nose and … what’s that smell? DAMN IT I JUST CHANGED HER!” — Chris Illuminati, New Jersey, author of The New Dad Dictionary

“I’ve been trying to use the potty for several hours now but just can’t find the time.” — Diana, New York

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