20 Thoughts I Have in the Preschool Pick-Up Line

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Image source: Thinkstock

As most moms of preschoolers know, a lot happens in the preschool pick-up line. Friendships are forged, plans are made, conversations are had, and Facebook messages are checked.

Throughout those minutes of waiting to drop off and subsequently retrieve my toddler, there are just so many thoughts that run through my mind…

  1. I should probably change my music when the teacher approaches my car; I bet she doesn’t think Eminem is appropriate listening for toddlers.
  2. Why is there one little pink Sperry shoe in the backseat? Where is the other one? Gosh, those were overpriced.
  3. Did I remember all of those forms I was supposed to bring? Who made me the official form-filler-outer?
  4. I wonder what will happen when the teacher realizes my kid is actually not potty trained?  She’s in Pull-ups.  Will she get kicked out? Will I have to lobby to have her reinstated to preschool once she officially poops on the potty? This could be a real hassle.
  5. I hope the other kids will be nice to her today.
  6. I hope the teacher is nice to her. She better be nice to her.
  7. Wow, that mom in the Mercedes SUV in front of me has amazing yoga gear and perfect hair.
  8. I should probably get some yoga gear. And use it after school drop-off.
  9. I should probably get my hair done soon too.
  10. Oh, here comes the teacher to get her out of the car. Time for our ‘goodbye’ routine. Hand squeeze. Love you.
  11. I’m freeeeeeeeeeee. For the next one hour and forty-five minutes.
  12. Okay, I should have planned this time out better. Am I going to do some work at Starbucks, run to the gym, or do the grocery shopping?
  13. Oh, look. There’s Target. I could use a few things from Target. {time dissolves into some weird alternate universe that occurs when in Target. I have new sheets, baby headbands, and a cute scarf….but no yoga gear…}
  14. Time to head back to the carpool line. I hope I’m not the first one in line. Or the last.
  15. Why in the world did I arrive right on time? Now I’ll have to wait forever to get to the front of the line. The veteran moms just pull in ten minutes late and swoop their kids into the car.
  16. Oh, there’s Sheila. She has some forms and a clipboard in hand. No doubt she is running another bake sale for the school. I totally appreciate her hard work, but I absolutely cannot sit at another bake sale table this year. Quick, pretend to take a phone call!
  17. Someone just texted me. I guess I’ll have to end my imaginary call to check the text.
  18. Oh, wow. It’s a text from Lauren’s mom. She knows me way too well, since the text reads, “I know you are faking that call. Stay strong to the ‘no more bake sales’ vow!”
  19. Look, I’m next! Smile to teacher, get any possible information about my daughter’s day in the 30 seconds it takes for the teacher to put her in the car, and try not to look like I just wasted the entire two hours at Target.
  20. A good break really does make a difference. I am so happy to see my adorable little one run to the car while yelling, “Mommy! You really came back! I love you!”
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